Locayta SRM provides intelligent, efficient and dynamic site search and merchandising solutions – so it’s no surprise that we were selected to help optimise sales on Everywine.co.uk. The internet’s largest wine retailer, Everywine needed assistance in managing their huge product range and extensive customer base – and we were only too pleased to oblige.

Want to know how you, like Everywine, can get maximum value for money when it comes to site search and merchandising? Read on to learn more about the different functionalities of Locayta SRM and how they can help to boost sales.

Intelligent search

Locayta Search’s impressive technology helps to prevent failed searches and assist customers in successfully locating what they are looking for. The following functionalities are particularly important for Everywine:


  • Auto-complete predictive search – Everywine pride themselves in their ‘hard-to’find’ wines. As the name suggests, these are not necessarily wines that customers will be desperately familiar with, and they may only have come across them on a single occasion previously. Auto-complete predictive search removes the need for the customer to accurately type the full name of the wine – all they need to know is the first couple of letters and Locayta Search does the rest of the work for them.
  • Guided navigation – there are 36,000 products on offer on the Everywine site – potentially making shopping a rather daunting experience. Locayta SRM’s intelligent guided navigation system allows customers to narrow down search results by colour, country, region, grape and bottle size – removing the need to trawl through irrelevant products.


Behavioural merchandising

Locayta Search learns from customer behaviour in order to optimise sales. This is particularly important for Everywine, who cater for different customers (those who purchase by the bottle, and those who purchase by the case). In order to increase conversion rates, Everywine use Locayta Search’s powerful technology to push single bottles to the top of the list for certain search terms, and cases for others. This flexible approach to sales resulted in an increase of 26.21% spend over Christmas 2010 – a pretty impressive figure.


Cross-selling functionality is a good way to increase average spend and improve site revenue. Locayta SRM provides Everywine with a real-time cross-sell strategy based on user behaviour.  A particularly successful strategy involved the option to purchase single bottles after buying a case – this resulted in an increase of average spend per case by 8.6%, with per customer spend averaging significantly higher.

Visual Merchandising

Locayta Visual Merchandising engages customers and encourages sales, help to optimise site performance. Typically, this is done through the use of customised banners and pages, as well as through product presentation.

Locayta SRM’s visual merchandising technology helps Everywine to target users with banners showing offers specific to the type of wine they are looking for. This captures the customer’s attention and encourages them to make a purchase, thus increasing conversion rates.

Impressed? You can read more on our Everywine page. Alternatively, visit www.locayta.com for further information on our services, in addition to helpful demos.