Locayta SRM has an impressive client list that features big names such as Tesco clothing, Nectar, the British Museum Store, Boohoo.com and Superdry. In this post we will look at the technology powering the site search and merchandising  strategies on the FatFace eCommerce site.

Wondering how Locayta SRM helps FatFace to increase conversion rates, encourage customer loyalty and optimise sales? Here are some of the features that make the FatFace eCommerce site so successful:

Superior spell correction

Locayta SRM provides FatFace with sophisticated site search technology, reducing the likelihood of failed searches and helping customers to find what they are looking for more easily. One of the Locayta Search features that is key to driving sales on FatFace is spell correction.

Our powerful system of spell correction helps to connect users with the products they are searching for, regardless of spelling mistakes or typing errors. Using specially developed algorithms instead of a limited dictionary-based approach, our spell checker is able to redirect people to an appropriate page of search results – even when they make an error that would confuse most spell correction facilities. The result? Happy customers who don’t have to face the frustration caused by a failed search and are more likely both to make a purchase and to return to the site in future.

Product recommendations

Locayta Product Recommendations introduce FatFace users to relevant products that they might not otherwise have come across, increasing the likelihood of a purchase being made. These recommendations reflect both individual user behaviour and collective user behaviour, and are updated in real-time using algorithms for maximum efficiency. Product recommendations on FatFace take the form of:

  • ‘How about…’ suggestions
  • Recently viewed items


These recommendations encourage customers to interact with the site more, increasing conversion rates and ultimately improving online sales.

Visual merchandising

Good visual merchandising is often key to a successful retail business. Locayta Visual Merchandising helps FatFace to display page elements in a way that is appealing to customers, drawing users in and boosting revenue. One of the ways in which the FatFace eCommerce site attracts customers is through its homepage, which changes to reflect different offers at different times of the year.

Quick configuration and easy management

Using the Locayta SRM control panel, our site search and merchandising solutions are quickly and easily configured, and can be adjusted in the future to suit the retailer’s needs.

Think your eCommerce site could benefit from the technology driving online sales at FatFace? Visit www.locayta.com to see how we could help your business.