Locayta SRM is used by a wide variety of eCommerce sites to drive sales and optimise revenue. We are proud to provide our clients, including Clothing at Tesco, with superior site search and merchandising solutions that help to increase conversion rates and improve overall site performance.

Is your business suffering from poor search and merchandising functionality? Read on to discover what you can learn from the strategies employed on the Tesco Clothing eCommerce site.

Sophisticated search

Locayta Search helps customers to find what they are looking for more easily, reducing the likelihood of failed searches and preventing user fatigue. Two of the features of Locayta Search which are particularly important for Clothing at Tesco are:

  • Spell correction – our sophisticated system of spell correction helps Tesco users to find what they are looking for, even if they have spelled or typed the search tem incorrectly. Using algorithms to help deduce what a customer actually meant to search for, our spell checker is superior to those which use a simple dictionary-based approach. Locayta Search always tries to return search results, no matter what the query – reducing the chance of a frustrating failed search.


  • Guided navigation – It can be tedious wading through vast numbers of products on an eCommerce site – which is why Tesco chose to use our intelligent guided navigation system in order to help customers speed up their search. By selecting from options such as size, price, colour and brand, users can narrow down their search and exclude irrelevant products. This helps to improve the shopping experience for the customer, and to increase conversion rates, benefitting the retailer.

Powerful product recommendations

Product recommendations are an important feature of any successful eCommerce site. Helping to increase the number of relevant products that a user is exposed to, product recommendations improve conversion rates and thus overall revenue.

Locayta Product Recommendations draw on information about collective and individual user behaviour to provide Tesco Clothing customers with recommendations in the following categories:

  • ‘You may also like…’


  • ‘Other customers bought’


  • Recently viewed

These recommendations introduce customers to products that they may not otherwise have searched for, encouraging purchase and boosting sales.

Eye-catching visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is key to engaging customers and holding their attention.  Locayta Visual Merchandising optimises page display and product display on the Clothing at Tesco website, ensuring that the site appeals visually to users.

Examples of Locayta Visual Merchandising in action can be seen on Clothing at Tesco’s customised homepage, and in the promotional banners that are displayed in various locations across the site.

Think your business could benefit from the technology used by Tesco? Visit www.locayta.com for more intelligent solutions to your search and merchandising problems.