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Online sales growth

Are you in awe of successful eCommerce businesses such as, Superdry, Tesco Clothing and the British Museum Store? Thanks to our experience working with these companies, we are well placed to advise you on how to improve your online sales performance. Read on for tips on how to increase conversion rates, encourage customer loyalty and optimise revenue.

Site search solutions

Put an end to failed searches

Failed searches are often one of the main obstacles to sales growth. If a customer misspells or mistypes a search term, they will be unable to locate the products they are interested in – often leading them to abandon the site altogether. Locayta Search offers accurate spell correction and impressive auto-complete technology to compensate for errors, ensuring that search results are returned as often as possible.

Make your site easier to navigate

If your site is difficult to navigate, users will quickly become fatigued, resulting in a low conversion rate and poor sales performance. Unsure how to make your eCommerce site easier to use? Locayta Search provides an intelligent system of guided navigation, allowing customers to refine search results. This makes it easier to locate relevant items, leading to satisfied users who are more likely to make a purchase.

Visual merchandising strategies

Display multiple brands easily

A successful retail site should always appear organised. Using Locayta Visual Merchandising’s brand adjacency functionality, you can order the display of multiple brands – making the site both more visually appealing and easier to use.

Sequence product display

Optimise your sales strategies with our unique balance factor technology. Allowing items to be sequenced in line with different metrics, Locayta Visual Merchandising’s balancing functionality equips you to approach your business much more dynamically.

Customise pages

In order to make a good impression on new customers and to maintain the loyalty of returning users, it’s important for your eCommerce site to look appealing. Locayta Visual Merchandising can help you to manage the visual elements of your page display, from personalised promotional banners to a customised homepage.

Product recommendation technology

Implement product recommendations that learn from user behaviour

Product recommendations are an important tool for anyone looking to boost sales. Locayta Product Recommendations are a powerful way to introduce customers to relevant products, with the potential to increase sales by up to 45%. Learning from both individual and collective customer behaviour, our product recommendations update in real time – making them a highly effective merchandising solution.

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With the festive season looming, many high street businesses and eCommerce sites are thinking about the presentation of Christmas stock. Not sure where to begin when preparing your site for this busy period? Locayta Visual Merchandising can help you to create enticing displays and attractive promotions that will engage customers not just at Christmas, but all year round.

Here are just some of the ways in which we can help to set your retail site apart from the competition:

Eye-catching promotions

Promotional banners are one of the most effective ways of grabbing the customer’s attention. Just as high street shops use colourful posters to announce special deals, so eCommerce sites can use banners to advertise offers and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Locayta Visual Merchandising is able to target customers personally, with promotional banners triggered by user behaviour. This means that customers only see the deals that are relevant to them, encouraging them to make a purchase and thus boosting conversion rates.

Homepage customisation

Many businesses suffer from an unattractive homepage. If your homepage is not appealing, users may abandon the site without venturing any further.

Our visual merchandising technology uses date triggers to ensure a relevant and up-to-date homepage – great for adding a personal or seasonal touch.

Product sequencing

Like to have control over every element of your site? Of course you do. That’s why Locayta Visual Merchandising includes specially developed balance factor technology, allowing you to quickly and easily organise product display on your site.

By grouping products together according to metrics such as price or stock availability, you can improve the customer shopping experience as well as optimising sales performance. Users will appreciate being able to find similar items in one place, whilst the flexibility of this functionality will help you to implement a variety of sales strategies.

Brand management

It can be hard juggling a variety of different brands on one eCommerce site. If you struggle to organise different brands efficiently, Locayta Visual Merchandising could be just the thing for you. Our brand adjacency functionality helps retailers to keep specific brands together or separate, according to sales strategy. We can also organise the display of multiple brands so as to prevent your site looking messy and unappealing – great news when it comes to impressing customers.

Want to optimise your eCommerce site in time for Christmas? Visit for more ideas on how to get the best out of your business this festive season. is one of the UK’s top ten most successful online retailers. Using a personalised approach to merchandising and an efficient method of site search, Boohoo has built up and maintained a loyal base of satisfied customers – leading to high conversion rates and impressive sales performance.

Want to learn the secrets behind Boohoo’s success? Here’s how Locayta SRM’s technology has helped to optimise sales through increased site searchability:

Advanced guided navigation

Boohoo wanted to increase product findability on their site, allowing online customers to locate what they were looking for quickly and easily. Locayta Search helped them to achieve this by implementing an intelligent system of guided navigation.

Using different facets, users of Boohoo’s site are able to refine their search results by factors such as category, colour, size and price. This removes the need for hunting through pages of irrelevant products, and dramatically reduces search time.

Why it’s good for the customer: Users will appreciate a smoother shopping experience without the frustration of a lengthy search.

Why it’s good for the retailer: Satisfied customers who can find what they are looking for easily are more likely to make a purchase and to return to the site in the future.

Controlled search results

Locayta SRM’s control panel allows Boohoo to weight search results according to certain metrics. Using advanced balance factor technology, search results can be skewed to reflect factors such as stock availability, price and seasonality – helping to push certain items in line with sales strategy.

Why it’s good for the customer: The customer will be exposed to a range of products, including those that are seasonally relevant and most affordable.

Why it’s good for the retailer: Search results can be skewed to help achieve sales objectives, making it easier to meet those pressing targets.

Fast and accurate search benefits from Locayta SRM’s efficient search engine. With accurate spell correction functionality and auto-complete predictive type ahead technology, our impressive search solution helps to ensure that Boohoo customers always get the results they were hoping for.

Whereas, on other sites, users may encounter a failed search as the result of a spelling or typing error, on provision has been made for such instances – meaning that a failed search is rarely returned.

Why it’s good for the customer: The user is able to find what they want quickly and easily, making the shopping experience enjoyable – rather than a chore.

Why it’s good for the retailer: Fewer failed searches means a higher chance of conversion, and less likelihood of users abandoning the site.

Want to find out more about the technology powering Boohoo’s search and merchandising? Visit for further details.

One of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates on your eCommerce site is by adding product recommendations. Easy to implement and maintain, product recommendations are an efficient way of uniting customers with appropriate products – benefitting both the user and the retailer.

Wondering why this functionality is so important? Product recommendations can:

Increase customer satisfaction

Product recommendations provide users with suggestions of products they are likely to be interested in. Not only does this save valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching, but it also helps customers to find relevant items that they might not have previously thought of or encountered.

The result? Happy customers, who view the site as efficient, user-friendly, and personal in its approach. These customers are highly likely to remain loyal to the business, and to return in future.

Improve conversion rates

The more relevant products a customer is exposed to, the more likely they are to engage with the site and make a purchase. Product recommendations should therefore not be underestimated, as they can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Decided to add product recommendations to your site, but not sure where to begin? Locayta Product Recommendations offer a variety of advantages. Our powerful recommendations:

Operate in real time

Locayta Product Recommendations can either be sent via email, or experienced in retail time on the site. The recommendations are generated in accordance with the customer’s most recent actions – helping them to find products that are relevant to them as quickly as possible.

Are quick and simple to configure

Our product recommendations are not only a cost-effective way of improving conversion rates – they’re also time efficient. Easy to install, the recommendations update automatically – meaning that they don’t require constant reconfiguration.

Learn from user behaviour

In order for product recommendations to be effective, it’s important that they are relevant. Customers don’t want to be bombarded with suggestions for items that don’t reflect their interests – which is why Locayta Recommendations learn from user behaviour. Taking account of both the individual and collective customer journey, our technology only recommends products that are highly likely to be of interest to the user.

Understand product relationships

It isn’t just important for product recommendation technology to understand user behaviour – it’s also vital for it to take account of the relationship between different products. Locayta Product Recommendations are able to use cross-sell and up-sell techniques, personalising all suggestions made. They can be implemented at any time during the site journey, allowing for greater control on the part of the retailer.

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Want to improve conversion rates and increase sales on your eCommerce site, but not sure where to begin? Why not read our tips on how implementing good site search, visual merchandising and product recommendation strategies could make all the difference.

Site search solutions

Why your business may be suffering: Often, good sales performance is held back by poor site search provision. Many online retail businesses find that their search engine is incapable of coping with spelling or typing mistakes – losing them customers and costing them in terms of sales.

How to improve your business: Locayta Site Search offers several different functionalities which provide solutions to your site search problems. Implementing our intelligent spell checker will prevent spelling and typing errors from returning failed searches, whilst our auto-complete functionality makes the search process easier and more accurate. You could also try installing our clever system of guided navigation, which allows customers to refine search results, greatly improving the user experience.

Installing product recommendations

Why your business may be suffering: If you have a poor system of product recommendation in place, or simply don’t have this important functionality at all, then you could be losing out financially. Product recommendations help to unite customers with products that are relevant to them, cutting out the need for an exhaustive search and introducing users to possibilities they might not otherwise have considered.

How to improve your business: Locayta Product Recommendations operate in real time, and take account of both individual and collective user behaviour. By adding product recommendations to your site indicating bestsellers or similar items, you can maximise the chances of conversion, thus helping you to achieve your sales targets.

Good practice for visual merchandising

Why your business may be suffering: There are plenty of attractively organised and efficiently displayed eCommerce sites out there – so it’s important not only to make sure that your site is visually enticing, but also to make sure it’s more appealing than those of the competition. This will help to attract new customers, as well as ensuring the loyalty of existing users – both of which are beneficial for sales.

How to improve your business: Locayta Visual Merchandising can help you to establish a strong online presence, as well as to personalise the user experience. With our technology, you can not only customise your homepage and banners to reflect such factors as customer behaviour and seasonal trends – you can also sequence product display, allowing you to present items in a way that best suits your sales strategy.

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When it comes to running your online retail business, why settle for anything but the best? Locayta Search offers fast, practical and efficient search solutions – which is why it is used by companies such as Tesco Clothing, Boohoo, Superdry and the British Museum Store.

Want to achieve your sales goals, improve customer experience and increase revenue? Locayta Search is the most effective way to optimise your retail site. Here are just some of the features that set our site search solutions apart from others:

Accurate spell-check

Often, customers are unable to locate products as a result of poor spelling or hasty typing. This can have a serious effect on conversion rates, with many dissatisfied customers turning to other retail sites to fulfil their needs.

Some search engine providers attempt to compensate for user errors with dictionary-based spell-checkers. Unfortunately for them, this basic spell correction is not powerful enough to cope with major spelling mistakes or with accidental typing errors. It therefore does little to solve the problem of failed searches.

Locayta Search is refreshingly different. Using specially developed algorithms, our spell correction functionality helps the user to find what they are looking for, in spite of complicated errors. We can also implement auto-complete technology to intelligently suggest products to users as they type.

Simple navigation

Ever been frustrated by a retail site that was hard to navigate? At Locayta SRM, we believe in making life simple – which is why our intelligent system of guided navigation has been designed to optimise the user experience. By using different facets, we enable customers to refine their search results – making it easier to find the products that are relevant to them.

Want flexibility when deciding on your site’s navigation framework? Locayta SRM’s control panel allows the retailer to decide the number of refinement options to display, in addition to the order in which they should be shown. Our clever technology also allows for multiple configurations, so that the retailer can present different navigational options in accordance with different search terms.

Search result sequencing

Unlike many other site search providers, we understand how important it is for retailers to take a hands on approach when running their site. Our balance factor technology allows you to skew search results according to certain site metrics – making it easier to achieve your sales targets.

Want to respond pragmatically to user behaviour? Try using Locayta Search’s balancing technology to target different customer groups. Often, users such as students, business men or young professionals will log on at particular times of the day which reflect their working routine. By pinpointing when certain kinds of activity are taking place, you can sequence search results accordingly – helping to encourage conversion.

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However impressive the rest of your eCommerce business is, if you’ve not paid any attention to the visual aspect of your site then your sales are guaranteed to suffer. Just as a high street shop with badly thought out displays and no visual promotions is likely to lose custom, so an online retail site with clumsy or unattractive page displays will deter users.

Want to learn how Locayta Visual Merchandising could assist in overhauling your site’s appearance and put you miles ahead of the competition? We can help you to:

Manage different brands

Many online retail sites sell products from a number of different brands. We know that organising the display of multiple brands can be a headache – which is why we’ve developed our brand adjacency technology to give retailers a helping hand. This clever functionality can help you keep products from one brand together, whilst separating brands that you think are best kept apart. This allows customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, and prevents your site from looking disorganised and unappealing.

Sequence products effectively

Carefully sequenced products can benefit both the user and the retailer. Our balance factor technology allows you to organise your site’s product display in line with specially selected site metrics. Grouping products together with other similar items will keep your customers satisfied, and has the added bonus that you, the retailer, can target consumers more efficiently.

Customise your homepage

Think of your site’s homepage as your shop window. The homepage is often the customer’s first point of call, and as such can be key to whether or not a sale is made. Locayta Visual Merchandising can help to ensure that your homepage is attractive and up to date – for example by implementing date-triggered displays to correspond with specific calendar events such as Christmas.

Implement promotional banners

High street shops use promotional banners to entice customers and get them excited by a particular brand or offer. eCommerce sites can also use promotional banners to their advantage:  Locayta Visual Merchandising allows retailers to implement banners that are triggered by user behaviour, focussing, for example, on product category. This ensures that customers are exposed to relevant deals for them, increasing chances of conversion.

Inspired to give your site a makeover? Visit for more advice on visual merchandising and to see our brand adjacency, balance technology, customised homepages and promotional banners in action.




The last few months have seen British shoppers turn increasingly to budget supermarkets over higher priced brands such as Tesco and Asda. Wallet-friendly Aldi, Lidl and Iceland have all seen a noticeable increase in sales, indicating that – in the current economic climate – the lower the price, the better.

However, businesses selling more expensive products are not entirely out of the running: Waitrose has seen an increase in sales, whilst Tesco and Sainsbury’s are both implementing price cut strategies to draw back disillusioned customers.

Want to ensure that visitors to your eCommerce site can easily find products that suit their budget? Here are a few tips on how to make lower price points accessible to customers, encouraging an increase in conversion rates:

Include price range on the navigation menu

Locayta SRM’s intelligent navigation system allows customers to filter search results according to certain criteria – including price range. By enabling users to browse products by price, you can ensure that customers are exposed to items that are most relevant to them – increasing chances of conversion and helping to boost sales.

Arrange search results by price

Our unique balance factor technology for search and merchandising allows retailers to sequence search results according to site metrics. The flexibility of this functionality enables you to display different results at different times of the day – for example, if you know that your site receives hits from office workers at 9.a.m and from students at 12.p.m, you can sequence your product display accordingly.

Implement a good visual merchandising strategy

Locayta Visual Merchandising helps online retail businesses to attract customers. A successful eCommerce site is one which is able to present itself in a more appealing manner than its competitors, and to draw users in. Our visual merchandising technology allows retailers to include behaviour-triggered promotional banners in their page display, helping to connect customers with deals and offers that are suitable to them.

Invest in powerful product recommendations

Product recommendations are an important part of any good eCommerce site. Locayta Recommendations learn from user behaviour and update in real time to provide customers with suggestions for products that are relevant to them. This technology introduces users to items they may not otherwise have searched for, thus increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

Want to find out more about how you can ensure your customers are easily able to locate the right products? Visit for further details, advice and demos.




Shoppers on the high street are likely to become tired and frustrated if they cannot easily locate what they are interested in. The same is true of eCommerce: complicated site navigation and unattractive page display can leave the user feeling fatigued, decreasing the likelihood of making a successful sale.

Worried that your retail site may be putting customers off rather than encouraging them to shop? Locayta SRM provides a variety of intelligent functionalities to help you improve the user’s shopping experience and optimise their site journey. Here are just some of the eCommerce solutions we offer:

Intelligent navigation

We believe in helping customers to find things as quickly and easily as possible – which is why one feature of Locayta Site Search is our intelligent guided navigation framework. This allows users to refine search results, drilling down through different ‘facets’, e.g.: colour, size, brand etc.

We also believe in control and flexibility for the retailer. Our easy to use Locayta SRM Control Panel allows you to determine the order in which the different facets are displayed, as well as the number of refinement options available to the customer.

Accurate spell check and predictive search

Failed searches caused by spelling and typing errors pose a significant threat to online sales growth. Customers who frequently encounter problems when searching are likely to become frustrated and to abandon the site without making a purchase. Luckily, our impressive spell checking technology rarely produces a failed search – instead striving to always provide the customer with relevant results.

Our spell correction system can handle not just misspelt words but also those that contain typing errors. Instead of using a limited dictionary approach, we implement two sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms, when combined, provide powerful and corrective spell correction capacity.

In addition to our powerful spell checker, we provide retailers with valuable auto-complete functionality. This gives users auto-complete search options based on previous customer searches and the contents of the site’s product catalogue.

Eye-catching visual merchandising

If your site is not up to scratch visually, your customers will soon lose interest. Innovative and personalised page displays are key to encouraging consumers and increasing sales performance. Locayta Visual Merchandising combines visual elements such as personalised banners and homepages with our unique Balance Factor technology. This technology allows the retailer to sequence product display in accordance with specific site metrics – making it easier to increase conversion rates and boost sales.

A helpful iPhone app

With customers increasingly expecting good service whilst on the move, a smart phone app is an essential feature of any successful business. Locayta M-Commerce is a cost effective and easy way for retail sites to reach a greater number of users, and thus improve sales growth. Our iPhone application lets customers shop wherever they are, by searching for products, making a selection and completing check out. The best part? The M-Commerce app can be implemented without any changes being made to the original e-Commerce site.

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Fact is, the online merchandising space is still one yet to be fully explored. For this reason, we’re still far from reaching the full potential within the field making it quite an exciting time for those budding online retailers out there. As we learn more about the practice of online merchandising, the ins and outs, what works, what doesn’t and how  we can optimise our merchandising to the full potential, we learn, develop, hone and build up a wide range of best practices and handy tips for the most successful online merchandising techniques out there. Keep reading to find out some top online merchandising tips from Locayta.

The problem…

Despite the progress made within the online retail arena, we still find that a huge 97% of online shoppers abandon a site on their first visit without making  a purchase. On top of this, it’s been revealed that the vast majority of online shoppers will only look at the first two search results pages before abandoning or redefining their search. It’s such factors that give us motivation in the search for more efficient, productive and effective online merchandising in order to push our eCommerce businesses forward. So what can be done?

Visual Merchandising:

It can be hard to replicate the physical practice of visual merchandising online, that usually occurs within stores, but the concept remains the same; creating engaging product displays to enhance and develop tempting and enticing product offers. In the initial stages of online retail, this presented a real problem for eCommerce merchants, however since then, technologies have been able to overcome such restrictions, and Visual Merchandising tools from Locayta can help. Enabling a flexible, yet highly powerful element of control over your product display is key here. The ability to manipulate and manage the sequencing of your products within category pages and search results is invaluable when it comes to driving those key measurable elements such as conversion rates and basket order values. In order to use such control to its maximum effectiveness, both dynamic and manual configuration methods are useful here; being able to programme the display of products according to your own metric drivers is a big advantage, presenting the appropriate products based on elements chosen by you (for example, newest in stock). Visual Merchandising remains to be one of the most effective elements of online merchandising, and as well as enhancing user experience, its been proven to significantly increase online sales, enhancing the viability of your online offer.

Display Advertising:

When it comes to figuring out how best to manage your display advertising, it pays to be well informed about the possibilities out there. Whatever your format, knowing what’s out there technologically, can really help you get the most out of display advertising options rather than opting for the first thing that comes along. Too much static un-targeted advertising can clutter websites, devalue your brand and result in poor performance in terms of conversions and click through rates. Instead, it’s essential to ensure your display advertising targets specific customers with relevant content. Recent developments have started to work on such a basis providing individually targeted advertising for each page view, and Locayta’s Display Advertising tools is one of them. It’s only logical that your display advertising takes lead from user behaviour seen on site, and the ability to track, learn and use such information is essential for enhancing the success of your display advertising. Analysing the content of each page within your site allows you to discover which display advertising would be relevant. Following this, new technologies are able to match the user activity data to the page analysis, and suggests display adverts that would be a good match for that users activity. This enables you to optimise your online inventory in a time and resource saving fashion.

eCommerce Search:

Another common problem when it comes to online merchandising is internal site search; technological developments are consistently occurring within this specific space, which results in constant updates, changes and developments to on-site search and practice. This presents a real problem when it comes to ensuring your on-site search is performing at it’s maximum and not resulting in lost customers. To avoid this common online merchandising downfall, Locayta have developed a unique search that learns. It’s beneficial to ensure your internal site search is dynamic in this way, that it is able to develop and programme it’s own search results in accordance to what works well for your customers. Learning from user behaviour, search functionalities are able to dynamically update results to deliver optimum options to significantly increase purchase probability. Advanced search functionalities will also allow you to manipulate results using your own metrics for your own benefit, include fail safe spell correction and auto complete as well as an intuitive guided navigation framework.

Moving forwards…

Becoming fully aware of all the new developments, practices and happenings within the ever-changing online merchandising arena is no mean feat, however taking guidance from those pioneering the space is always a good way to go. The benefits from companies such as Locayta are far and wide and go way beyond the financials; the integrated easy to use platform allows for the best most progressive features out there in the market, increased efficiency and time effectiveness for your online merchandising, a flexible pricing model and a positive effect on conversion rates, average order values, average revenue per visit, higher retention rates, and increased customer satisfaction with reduced clicks to purchase.