Looking to improve the performance of your eCommerce site? A good place to start is by optimising your site search. Read on to discover how Locayta Site Search could help you to improve conversion rates, build a loyal customer base and make your retail business more successful.

Intelligent site navigation

A poor system of navigation makes it hard for users to find what they are looking for, leading to customer fatigue. This could ultimately lead to customers abandoning your retail site in favour of those of competitors.

Locayta Site Search implements intelligent guided navigation to make locating a particular product much easier. Customers are able to use the navigation system to refine their search choices according to certain criteria such as colour, size, brand or price point. The result? The user benefits from a quicker, more efficient site journey, whilst the retailer benefits from increased customer loyalty and improved conversion rates.

Sophisticated spell checking and auto-predictive search

You may not have realised it, but customer spelling errors and typing mistakes could be costing your business a considerable amount of revenue. Most search engines are unable to cope with certain mistakes, leading to failed searches and therefore a lack of sales. Locayta Search uses a powerful spell checker in addition to auto-complete predictive search functionality, returning search results even when a search term is incorrectly spelled.

Balance Factor technology

High street retailers are able to control the display of their products, so why shouldn’t online retailers be able to too? Locayta Search’s unique balancing technology gives you the opportunity to sequence search results, allowing you more control over your site. Using our Balance Factor, you can skew results according to certain site metrics such as popularity, profit margin and stock availability. This gives you greater flexibility and efficiency when running your business.

Cross-sell and up-sell techniques

Fed up with using a search engine that fails to understand user behaviour? Locayta search learns from individual and collective user journeys, as well as understanding the relationships between different products. This impressive functionality allows cross-sell and up-sell recommendations to be made at any point during a user’s journey on the site.

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