If you’re looking to improve the functionality of your eCommerce site, then you’ve come to the right place. Locayta SRM provides search solutions for a variety of successful retail businesses such as Boohoo, Superdry and Tesco clothing. Struggling to achieve your sales targets? Read on for our expert advice on how to increase conversion rates, boost sales and ensure a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Smart site search

A successful eCommerce site is one which helps customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. An efficient search engine can make the difference between a popular online store and a business that deters customers. To ensure you are getting the most out of your site search solution, look for the following:

  • An accurate spell checker – Spelling and typing errors result in failed searches, which in turn lead to dissatisfied customers and low conversion rates. Locayta SRM’s impressive spell checker and predictive type ahead functionality compensate for customer errors, reducing the likelihood of a failed search and helping to connect the user with the product they are looking for.
  • User-friendly navigation – There’s no use in displaying hundreds of products on your site if it’s impossible to navigate through them. Our intelligent system of guided navigation allows users to whittle down a list of products by criteria such as colour, size or brand – making it quick and easy for them to find what they are interested in.
  • The ability to control search results – Want more control over what the customer sees? Locayta SRM’s unique balancing technology allows the retailer to adjust search results in line with site metrics, helping to fulfil specific sales goals


Innovative product recommendations

Have you considered adding product recommendations to your site? These carefully placed suggestions introduce users to products they might not otherwise have considered, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale. Locayta Product Recommendations have the advantage of:

  • Operating in real time – our recommendations are constantly updating, adjusting to take account of  both collective and individual user behaviour
  • Operating automatically – once Locayta Product Recommendations have been configured, there’s no need for you to do anything other than sit back and watch as they help to improve conversion rates and encourage sales.


Good visual merchandising

Successful online businesses don’t just focus on behind the scenes mechanics – they also concentrate on perfect presentation. Visual merchandising is key to establishing an enticing online presence that will be sure to attract customers to your eCommerce site. Locayta Visual Merchandising can provide you with:

  • Customised banners and homepage – using behavioural and date triggers, our expert technology can provide the customer with a personalised shopping experience that will set your site apart from those of your competitors
  • Sequenced product display – Want to present products in a way that supports a particular sales strategy? Our Balance Factor technology allows you to do just that, giving you both control and flexibility.


Ready to make your eCommerce site stand out? Visit www.locayta.com for more information on Site Search, Product Recommendations and Visual Merchandising.