Looking to make your business work harder? Want to achieve better sales figures? Not only will efficient product recommendations help to keep customers satisfied, but they can also increase revenue, improve conversion rates and encourage online sales growth. Here’s how:

Locayta Product Recommendations operate in real time

In order for the customer to enjoy the best shopping experience possible, it is important that they should be able to find relevant products quickly and easily. Our specially developed product recommendation technology adjusts according to user behaviour and updates in real time, constantly informing the customer of interesting products that may be suitable for them.

The result: Satisfied customers who don’t have to search for hours to find appropriate products.

Locayta  Product Recommendations learn from what users are looking for

Product recommendations are only useful if they suggest items that are relevant to the customer. Irrelevant recommendations complicate the user experience and may deter customers from returning. In order to ensure that the majority of recommendations made are helpful, Locayta SRM’s intelligent technology takes account of both individual and collective user behaviour when generating product suggestions.

The result: An improved user experience and the potential for an increase in sales.

Locayta Recommendations use cross-sell and up-sell techniques

In addition to learning from user behaviour, Locayta Product Recommendations have a key understanding of the relationships between different products. This allows for cross-sell and up-sell techniques to be implemented, creating highly personalised recommendations for the user. Our flexible functionality means that recommendations can be made at any time during the user journey, so that retailers have the ability to adapt their strategy in line with their sales goals.

The result: A higher chance of customer conversion

Locayta SRM’s technology is quick to configure and easy to use

We know that if you’re running an eCommerce business, you don’t want to be wasting time fiddling with configurations. Our product recommendations can quickly be put in place, and can be altered easily at any time from the Locayta SRM control panel. Locayta Recommendations operate using intelligent algorithms, meaning that they will update automatically, reflecting changes in customer behaviour and in on-site activity.

The result: Improved site efficiency and more time to focus on other aspects of the business

Interested in learning more about how Locayta Product Recommendations function? Visit www.locayta.com for details and demos.