Shoppers on the high street are likely to become tired and frustrated if they cannot easily locate what they are interested in. The same is true of eCommerce: complicated site navigation and unattractive page display can leave the user feeling fatigued, decreasing the likelihood of making a successful sale.

Worried that your retail site may be putting customers off rather than encouraging them to shop? Locayta SRM provides a variety of intelligent functionalities to help you improve the user’s shopping experience and optimise their site journey. Here are just some of the eCommerce solutions we offer:

Intelligent navigation

We believe in helping customers to find things as quickly and easily as possible – which is why one feature of Locayta Site Search is our intelligent guided navigation framework. This allows users to refine search results, drilling down through different ‘facets’, e.g.: colour, size, brand etc.

We also believe in control and flexibility for the retailer. Our easy to use Locayta SRM Control Panel allows you to determine the order in which the different facets are displayed, as well as the number of refinement options available to the customer.

Accurate spell check and predictive search

Failed searches caused by spelling and typing errors pose a significant threat to online sales growth. Customers who frequently encounter problems when searching are likely to become frustrated and to abandon the site without making a purchase. Luckily, our impressive spell checking technology rarely produces a failed search – instead striving to always provide the customer with relevant results.

Our spell correction system can handle not just misspelt words but also those that contain typing errors. Instead of using a limited dictionary approach, we implement two sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms, when combined, provide powerful and corrective spell correction capacity.

In addition to our powerful spell checker, we provide retailers with valuable auto-complete functionality. This gives users auto-complete search options based on previous customer searches and the contents of the site’s product catalogue.

Eye-catching visual merchandising

If your site is not up to scratch visually, your customers will soon lose interest. Innovative and personalised page displays are key to encouraging consumers and increasing sales performance. Locayta Visual Merchandising combines visual elements such as personalised banners and homepages with our unique Balance Factor technology. This technology allows the retailer to sequence product display in accordance with specific site metrics – making it easier to increase conversion rates and boost sales.

A helpful iPhone app

With customers increasingly expecting good service whilst on the move, a smart phone app is an essential feature of any successful business. Locayta M-Commerce is a cost effective and easy way for retail sites to reach a greater number of users, and thus improve sales growth. Our iPhone application lets customers shop wherever they are, by searching for products, making a selection and completing check out. The best part? The M-Commerce app can be implemented without any changes being made to the original e-Commerce site.

Inspired to reduce user fatigue and start growing your business? Visit www.locayta .com for more expert advice and solutions.