However impressive the rest of your eCommerce business is, if you’ve not paid any attention to the visual aspect of your site then your sales are guaranteed to suffer. Just as a high street shop with badly thought out displays and no visual promotions is likely to lose custom, so an online retail site with clumsy or unattractive page displays will deter users.

Want to learn how Locayta Visual Merchandising could assist in overhauling your site’s appearance and put you miles ahead of the competition? We can help you to:

Manage different brands

Many online retail sites sell products from a number of different brands. We know that organising the display of multiple brands can be a headache – which is why we’ve developed our brand adjacency technology to give retailers a helping hand. This clever functionality can help you keep products from one brand together, whilst separating brands that you think are best kept apart. This allows customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, and prevents your site from looking disorganised and unappealing.

Sequence products effectively

Carefully sequenced products can benefit both the user and the retailer. Our balance factor technology allows you to organise your site’s product display in line with specially selected site metrics. Grouping products together with other similar items will keep your customers satisfied, and has the added bonus that you, the retailer, can target consumers more efficiently.

Customise your homepage

Think of your site’s homepage as your shop window. The homepage is often the customer’s first point of call, and as such can be key to whether or not a sale is made. Locayta Visual Merchandising can help to ensure that your homepage is attractive and up to date – for example by implementing date-triggered displays to correspond with specific calendar events such as Christmas.

Implement promotional banners

High street shops use promotional banners to entice customers and get them excited by a particular brand or offer. eCommerce sites can also use promotional banners to their advantage:  Locayta Visual Merchandising allows retailers to implement banners that are triggered by user behaviour, focussing, for example, on product category. This ensures that customers are exposed to relevant deals for them, increasing chances of conversion.

Inspired to give your site a makeover? Visit for more advice on visual merchandising and to see our brand adjacency, balance technology, customised homepages and promotional banners in action.