When it comes to running your online retail business, why settle for anything but the best? Locayta Search offers fast, practical and efficient search solutions – which is why it is used by companies such as Tesco Clothing, Boohoo, Superdry and the British Museum Store.

Want to achieve your sales goals, improve customer experience and increase revenue? Locayta Search is the most effective way to optimise your retail site. Here are just some of the features that set our site search solutions apart from others:

Accurate spell-check

Often, customers are unable to locate products as a result of poor spelling or hasty typing. This can have a serious effect on conversion rates, with many dissatisfied customers turning to other retail sites to fulfil their needs.

Some search engine providers attempt to compensate for user errors with dictionary-based spell-checkers. Unfortunately for them, this basic spell correction is not powerful enough to cope with major spelling mistakes or with accidental typing errors. It therefore does little to solve the problem of failed searches.

Locayta Search is refreshingly different. Using specially developed algorithms, our spell correction functionality helps the user to find what they are looking for, in spite of complicated errors. We can also implement auto-complete technology to intelligently suggest products to users as they type.

Simple navigation

Ever been frustrated by a retail site that was hard to navigate? At Locayta SRM, we believe in making life simple – which is why our intelligent system of guided navigation has been designed to optimise the user experience. By using different facets, we enable customers to refine their search results – making it easier to find the products that are relevant to them.

Want flexibility when deciding on your site’s navigation framework? Locayta SRM’s control panel allows the retailer to decide the number of refinement options to display, in addition to the order in which they should be shown. Our clever technology also allows for multiple configurations, so that the retailer can present different navigational options in accordance with different search terms.

Search result sequencing

Unlike many other site search providers, we understand how important it is for retailers to take a hands on approach when running their site. Our balance factor technology allows you to skew search results according to certain site metrics – making it easier to achieve your sales targets.

Want to respond pragmatically to user behaviour? Try using Locayta Search’s balancing technology to target different customer groups. Often, users such as students, business men or young professionals will log on at particular times of the day which reflect their working routine. By pinpointing when certain kinds of activity are taking place, you can sequence search results accordingly – helping to encourage conversion.

Want to find out more about Locayta Search and why we are the best providers of search solutions for eCommerce? Visit www.locayta.com for further information and demos.