Want to improve conversion rates and increase sales on your eCommerce site, but not sure where to begin? Why not read our tips on how implementing good site search, visual merchandising and product recommendation strategies could make all the difference.

Site search solutions

Why your business may be suffering: Often, good sales performance is held back by poor site search provision. Many online retail businesses find that their search engine is incapable of coping with spelling or typing mistakes – losing them customers and costing them in terms of sales.

How to improve your business: Locayta Site Search offers several different functionalities which provide solutions to your site search problems. Implementing our intelligent spell checker will prevent spelling and typing errors from returning failed searches, whilst our auto-complete functionality makes the search process easier and more accurate. You could also try installing our clever system of guided navigation, which allows customers to refine search results, greatly improving the user experience.

Installing product recommendations

Why your business may be suffering: If you have a poor system of product recommendation in place, or simply don’t have this important functionality at all, then you could be losing out financially. Product recommendations help to unite customers with products that are relevant to them, cutting out the need for an exhaustive search and introducing users to possibilities they might not otherwise have considered.

How to improve your business: Locayta Product Recommendations operate in real time, and take account of both individual and collective user behaviour. By adding product recommendations to your site indicating bestsellers or similar items, you can maximise the chances of conversion, thus helping you to achieve your sales targets.

Good practice for visual merchandising

Why your business may be suffering: There are plenty of attractively organised and efficiently displayed eCommerce sites out there – so it’s important not only to make sure that your site is visually enticing, but also to make sure it’s more appealing than those of the competition. This will help to attract new customers, as well as ensuring the loyalty of existing users – both of which are beneficial for sales.

How to improve your business: Locayta Visual Merchandising can help you to establish a strong online presence, as well as to personalise the user experience. With our technology, you can not only customise your homepage and banners to reflect such factors as customer behaviour and seasonal trends – you can also sequence product display, allowing you to present items in a way that best suits your sales strategy.

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