One of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates on your eCommerce site is by adding product recommendations. Easy to implement and maintain, product recommendations are an efficient way of uniting customers with appropriate products – benefitting both the user and the retailer.

Wondering why this functionality is so important? Product recommendations can:

Increase customer satisfaction

Product recommendations provide users with suggestions of products they are likely to be interested in. Not only does this save valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching, but it also helps customers to find relevant items that they might not have previously thought of or encountered.

The result? Happy customers, who view the site as efficient, user-friendly, and personal in its approach. These customers are highly likely to remain loyal to the business, and to return in future.

Improve conversion rates

The more relevant products a customer is exposed to, the more likely they are to engage with the site and make a purchase. Product recommendations should therefore not be underestimated, as they can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Decided to add product recommendations to your site, but not sure where to begin? Locayta Product Recommendations offer a variety of advantages. Our powerful recommendations:

Operate in real time

Locayta Product Recommendations can either be sent via email, or experienced in retail time on the site. The recommendations are generated in accordance with the customer’s most recent actions – helping them to find products that are relevant to them as quickly as possible.

Are quick and simple to configure

Our product recommendations are not only a cost-effective way of improving conversion rates – they’re also time efficient. Easy to install, the recommendations update automatically – meaning that they don’t require constant reconfiguration.

Learn from user behaviour

In order for product recommendations to be effective, it’s important that they are relevant. Customers don’t want to be bombarded with suggestions for items that don’t reflect their interests – which is why Locayta Recommendations learn from user behaviour. Taking account of both the individual and collective customer journey, our technology only recommends products that are highly likely to be of interest to the user.

Understand product relationships

It isn’t just important for product recommendation technology to understand user behaviour – it’s also vital for it to take account of the relationship between different products. Locayta Product Recommendations are able to use cross-sell and up-sell techniques, personalising all suggestions made. They can be implemented at any time during the site journey, allowing for greater control on the part of the retailer.

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