is one of the UK’s top ten most successful online retailers. Using a personalised approach to merchandising and an efficient method of site search, Boohoo has built up and maintained a loyal base of satisfied customers – leading to high conversion rates and impressive sales performance.

Want to learn the secrets behind Boohoo’s success? Here’s how Locayta SRM’s technology has helped to optimise sales through increased site searchability:

Advanced guided navigation

Boohoo wanted to increase product findability on their site, allowing online customers to locate what they were looking for quickly and easily. Locayta Search helped them to achieve this by implementing an intelligent system of guided navigation.

Using different facets, users of Boohoo’s site are able to refine their search results by factors such as category, colour, size and price. This removes the need for hunting through pages of irrelevant products, and dramatically reduces search time.

Why it’s good for the customer: Users will appreciate a smoother shopping experience without the frustration of a lengthy search.

Why it’s good for the retailer: Satisfied customers who can find what they are looking for easily are more likely to make a purchase and to return to the site in the future.

Controlled search results

Locayta SRM’s control panel allows Boohoo to weight search results according to certain metrics. Using advanced balance factor technology, search results can be skewed to reflect factors such as stock availability, price and seasonality – helping to push certain items in line with sales strategy.

Why it’s good for the customer: The customer will be exposed to a range of products, including those that are seasonally relevant and most affordable.

Why it’s good for the retailer: Search results can be skewed to help achieve sales objectives, making it easier to meet those pressing targets.

Fast and accurate search benefits from Locayta SRM’s efficient search engine. With accurate spell correction functionality and auto-complete predictive type ahead technology, our impressive search solution helps to ensure that Boohoo customers always get the results they were hoping for.

Whereas, on other sites, users may encounter a failed search as the result of a spelling or typing error, on provision has been made for such instances – meaning that a failed search is rarely returned.

Why it’s good for the customer: The user is able to find what they want quickly and easily, making the shopping experience enjoyable – rather than a chore.

Why it’s good for the retailer: Fewer failed searches means a higher chance of conversion, and less likelihood of users abandoning the site.

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