Are you in awe of successful eCommerce businesses such as, Superdry, Tesco Clothing and the British Museum Store? Thanks to our experience working with these companies, we are well placed to advise you on how to improve your online sales performance. Read on for tips on how to increase conversion rates, encourage customer loyalty and optimise revenue.

Site search solutions

Put an end to failed searches

Failed searches are often one of the main obstacles to sales growth. If a customer misspells or mistypes a search term, they will be unable to locate the products they are interested in – often leading them to abandon the site altogether. Locayta Search offers accurate spell correction and impressive auto-complete technology to compensate for errors, ensuring that search results are returned as often as possible.

Make your site easier to navigate

If your site is difficult to navigate, users will quickly become fatigued, resulting in a low conversion rate and poor sales performance. Unsure how to make your eCommerce site easier to use? Locayta Search provides an intelligent system of guided navigation, allowing customers to refine search results. This makes it easier to locate relevant items, leading to satisfied users who are more likely to make a purchase.

Visual merchandising strategies

Display multiple brands easily

A successful retail site should always appear organised. Using Locayta Visual Merchandising’s brand adjacency functionality, you can order the display of multiple brands – making the site both more visually appealing and easier to use.

Sequence product display

Optimise your sales strategies with our unique balance factor technology. Allowing items to be sequenced in line with different metrics, Locayta Visual Merchandising’s balancing functionality equips you to approach your business much more dynamically.

Customise pages

In order to make a good impression on new customers and to maintain the loyalty of returning users, it’s important for your eCommerce site to look appealing. Locayta Visual Merchandising can help you to manage the visual elements of your page display, from personalised promotional banners to a customised homepage.

Product recommendation technology

Implement product recommendations that learn from user behaviour

Product recommendations are an important tool for anyone looking to boost sales. Locayta Product Recommendations are a powerful way to introduce customers to relevant products, with the potential to increase sales by up to 45%. Learning from both individual and collective customer behaviour, our product recommendations update in real time – making them a highly effective merchandising solution.

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