There’s no doubt about it – are setting the benchmark when it comes to e-commerce performance. From a standing start to 1.8 million shoppers in just 5 years is quite some achievement. Their success lies in the clever use of merchandising technology to attract, convert and retain loyal shoppers. You too can enjoy impressive online growth with Locayta’s intelligent merchandising solutions.

Increase conversion rates with guided navigation

For Boohoo’s fashion conscious shoppers, getting that catwalk trend into their wardrobe fast matters. Locayta’s guided navigation search engine technology allows visitors to drill down to the products they seek using a multitude of options such as size, category, colour and price.

Behind the scenes, the Locayta search engine responds intelligently to consumer behaviour data enabling refinement options to be customised. It’s virtually impossible to mis-spell a term, removing the risk of missed sales opportunities. Customers enjoy a fast, user friendly experience, whilst the retailer maximises conversion rates.

Improve order values with product recommendations

Especially amongst Boohoo’s trendy consumer base, order values can be significantly increased through promoting complementary products and accessories. Locayta’s intelligent product recommendation algorithms collate and respond to customer behaviour in real time.

Even as the shopper hits their basket their ideal choice of extra goodies is right there to tempt them. What’s more, because product recommendations are commission based they are an incredibly low risk strategy that can increase online sales by up to 45%.

Maximise online sales with powerful visual merchandising

Product recognition is as vital online as it is on the high street. Visual displays are vital to whet the appetite of consumers. Historically, managing the dynamics of online visual merchandising has not been easy. Locayta’s ingenious visual merchandising software has put an end to clumsy, static site management.

For the retailer manual manipulation of visual displays is fast and easy. The real innovation though is the technology’s ability to respond dynamically to site metrics data – such as stock availability, popularity and new products – to sequence visual merchandising in the most appropriate way.

This balance factor technology is revolutionising visual merchandising techniques for Boohoo and many other online retailers. With the added benefits of brand management and date triggered displays to coincide with key seasonal sales points, it’s easy to see why the likes of Boohoo, Tesco, and Superdry turn to Locayta for online merchandising solutions.

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