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E-commerce has never been as big as it right now – with over 50% of shoppers now choosing to purchase on the internet. Clients as big as Tesco, Superdry, Prezzybox and the British Museum rely on Locayta for cutting edge technology that gives them the ideal blend of manual site control plus intelligent technology to drive sales behind the scenes. These new advances in freestyle merchandising can revolutionise the potential of your website now and in the future.

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Since 2001 Magento has offered the e-commerce industry a new way to control the look, feel and functionality of their websites. As an official industry partner to Magento, Locayta are leading the way in the latest site search and merchandising developments. Currently deployed by Locayta clients including Tesco, Boohoo and Superdry, these upgrades are now available to all Magento merchants. Read on to find out what Locayta’s partnership with Magento could do for you!

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Can you really control every aspect of your e-commerce strategy with one simple toolkit? Thanks to Locayta, the answer is yes. With the most advanced search, recommendation and merchandising technology all integrated into our “software as a service” platform, it’s no wonder that top brands like Tesco, Superdry and the British Museum use Locayta as their e-commerce tool of choice.

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In a modern consumer driven world e-commerce isn’t an optional extra. 59% of UK shoppers now choose to buy on online and expect to find what they want literally at the click of a button. That’s why online retailing giants like Boohoo, Tesco and Superdry turn to Locayta for cost-effective search solutions that guide visitors quickly and conveniently in order to encourage purchasing decisions.

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Urban fashion brand Superdry are enjoying global success, with 91 store outlets in the UK alone and online sales to 300 countries. Locayta’s unique search and merchandising technology is a vital component in their aim to increase e-commerce sales to 20% of total group revenue. Read on to find out how Locayta ESP is making that growth happen.

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A globally successful brand, Tesco boasts no less than 5,320 stores worldwide. They’re on the money when it comes to e-commerce too. The company reported 15% growth in online sales in 2011 alone. Locayta’s advanced technology is instrumental in driving that revenue. Read on to find out how you too can enjoy superior sales success in today’s internet driven world.

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To put it simply, online merchandising is the key to growing retail revenue. Locayta clients including Boohoo, Tesco and Paperchase all use a host of online merchandising tools to attract and convert visitors, develop customer loyalty and increase average order value. Keen to know more? Here are just a few of the ways in which Locayta can improve your online merchandising success.

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If you’re looking to convert every visitor to a loyal customer and grow your average order value take a tip from the likes of Boohoo and Tesco. They both know that Locayta’s product recommendation software develops a loyal and profitable customer base by enhancing the online shopping experience, directing customers to the products you want to push and driving revenue as a result.

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Whatever you’re selling, if users can’t find exactly what they’re looking for on your website you’re lined up for disappointing results. That’s why clients including Tesco, Boohoo and the British Museum Store turn to Locayta for advanced e-commerce search technology that improves the customer experience and delivers real revenue growth.

Choose Locayta Search to grow your business fast

Up to 98% of consumers will leave a site if they can’t locate their ideal purchase quickly. Locayta Search offers a comprehensive portfolio of cutting edge technology that takes your visitors exactly where they need to go. Not only that, intelligent algorithms learn as your users search, enabling you to upsell and cross-sell according to their preferences, hence growing your average order value and overall sales.

Guide your customers with auto complete searching and spell-check

21st century consumers demand a smooth search experience. Locayta’s auto complete search function predicts and populates suggested search terms and products as soon as a visitor starts typing. That’s convenient for them and good news for you, since the technology is specifically optimised to your site’s data. You can control the sequencing of products behind the scenes to influence their final purchases.

Mix in Locayta’s clever spell-check function and you’re got all the search bases covered. Up to 50% of search terms are mis-spelled or mis-typed. Traditional dictionary software involves manual set-up and is less than 100% reliable. Whereas Locayta spell-check employs two intelligent algorithms that catch not only mis-spelled terms but also mis-typed words, ensuring maximum protection against lost sales caused by a failed search.

Boost your most profitable products with balance factor technology

Locayta Balance Factor gives you the power to sequence search results so that the products you want to push appear first. You can apply a number of metrics to influence how products appear, including newness of product, popularity, profit margin and sale velocity to name just a few.

Combine this with the ability to cross-sell via complementary product recommendations and you have a potent solution that responds intuitively to your customer’s preferences. Research shows that you could grow your e-commerce revenue by 15% through cross selling. This is just one of the reasons why the likes of Superdry, TESCO and Boohoo use Locayta to maximise their sales.

Catch consumers on the go with Locayta Search Mobile

Today’s consumers want to shop online anywhere at any time. Don’t miss out on those opportunities. Locatya Search Mobile is fully compatible with the Apple iOS platform and free to use during development.

Until the 31st December 2011 we’re also offering a 50% discount on the one-off software distribution license cost. Make the most of the pre-Christmas market. Register for your free Locayta Search Mobile software download today and give your customers the advanced search technology they expect from you.