If you’re looking to convert every visitor to a loyal customer and grow your average order value take a tip from the likes of Boohoo and Tesco. They both know that Locayta’s product recommendation software develops a loyal and profitable customer base by enhancing the online shopping experience, directing customers to the products you want to push and driving revenue as a result.

Increase online sales by up to 45% with a real-time response

Just consider the facts. 80% of online shoppers say that they are likely to increase their order through the suggestion of related products. Quick and easy to configure, Locayta’s product recommendation software works hard behind the scenes to analyse and adapt to your visitors’ preferences as they shop. Recommended products can be matched to past and current purchases and displayed across your site, responding immediately to your customers’ behaviour.

This means that even as visitors search and add items to their basket our intelligent algorithms are updating product recommendations perfectly matched to what they seek at that time. It’s this ability to respond instantly to behavioural trends that makes Locayta product recommendations such a powerful and profitable tool.

Cross-sell and up-sell with accessory recommendations

Once your visitors convert to customers you’ll want to maximise the amount they spend with you. Cross-selling and up-selling makes sound business sense. Now, thanks to Locayta’s accessory recommendations, you can target and respond to consumer data more accurately than ever before.

This brand new technology takes product recommendations one step further by specifically recommending accessories that match consumer choices exactly. By honing the relevance of additional purchases customers are even more likely to treat themselves to that added extra, meaning increased average order values for you. This technology is brand new – contact the Locayta team for more information.

Promote your most important products with balance factor sequencing

As well as encouraging maximum purchasing activity on your site you may have particular products you want to highlight. Profitability, stock margins, seasonal sales and new lines are all factors that will influence your retailing tactics in order to drive your revenue.

The solution lies in Locayta’s balance factor technology. Using your own preferred metrics (for example popularity, price or profit margin) you can actually choose the sequence in which product recommendations appear. Not only are your customers encouraged to make extra purchases, you can control exactly which products they are offered and hence refine your merchandising strategy.

With such powerful technology at their fingertips it’s no wonder brands like Fat Face, Superdry and Prezzybox trust Locayta for healthy sales and satisfied online customers. View our online product recommendation demo, then contact us and get started on the road to joining them today!