To put it simply, online merchandising is the key to growing retail revenue. Locayta clients including Boohoo, Tesco and Paperchase all use a host of online merchandising tools to attract and convert visitors, develop customer loyalty and increase average order value. Keen to know more? Here are just a few of the ways in which Locayta can improve your online merchandising success.

Understand your customers for increased sales

Think of online merchandising like this: just like the high street, a lot happens behind the scenes to ensure that customers are immediately drawn to the products you want them to buy.

You need to understand your customers in order to meet their needs. The solution is Locayta’s customer profiling. Our technology tracks visitor activity on your site, from preferred search items to final purchases, adjusting search results to match those preferences.

The same algorithms can be applied across your site to guide visitors to what they need quickly. That immediately ups the chances of a positive purchasing decision. Product recommendations, visual merchandising and intelligent navigation can all respond intelligently to customer profiling data, displaying the right products to the right people to grow your sales.

Bring customers back with clever behavioural targeting

Today’s online shopper is demanding and will leave your site quickly if they don’t find what they want. You need to make sure that if that happens you get them back again. Enter Locayta’s behavioural targeting.

By reviewing visitors’ past activities (including search preferences and incomplete purchases) the technology can promote relevant products to returning users – from directing them to previously viewed products to offering them relevant promotions. This lowers acquisition costs too, since marketing to former users is likely to have a higher success rate than converting cold visitors.

Enhance your online merchandising with M-Commerce technology

Consumers these days love nothing more than an iphone app. Locayta’s easily configurable M-Commerce tool enables you to catch that extra customer base by bringing your site to their mobile. M-Commerce is highly flexible, can handle multiple templates and landing pages to match your brand, and does not affect your main e-commerce site. It’s the perfect powerful solution to round off your retailing repertoire.

These tools form just part of Locayta’s comprehensive range of technology. Build in online visual merchandising, product recommendations and the ability to control brand adjacency and it’s easy to see why top brands like Superdry and the British Museum rely on us to drive online sales. Want to see it in action? View our online demo or contact us today for more details.