A globally successful brand, Tesco boasts no less than 5,320 stores worldwide. They’re on the money when it comes to e-commerce too. The company reported 15% growth in online sales in 2011 alone. Locayta’s advanced technology is instrumental in driving that revenue. Read on to find out how you too can enjoy superior sales success in today’s internet driven world.

Increasing average order values at Tesco with product recommendations

A key sales strategy used by Tesco is the suggestion of relevant additional products to shoppers. Locayta product recommendations track consumer behaviour, then adjust recommendations to suit each shopper’s specific preferences. This enables Tesco to place appealing extras right in front of customers as they shop.

What’s more, our recently launched accessory recommendations enable the placing of accessories that specifically match the items chosen by customers. Not only does this up-sell average order values, it enables retailers to implement product placements and promotions online. The commission-based costing structure makes sound business sense, since the client only pays for recommendations that result in a purchase.

Recreating store success with online visual merchandising

These days Tesco is indisputably a market leader in affordable, fashionable clothing and accessories. Visual merchandising in fashion is vitally important to tempt customers. That’s why Tesco trusts Locayta’s visual merchandising technology to ensure that their displays are as enticing online as they are on the high street.

As well as controlling online product displays, Tesco can implement branding and promotion strategies. Locayta balance factor technology enables their site to respond to metrics such as size, profitability and price. Products can then be dynamically sequenced in response to those metrics. This means that Tesco are in complete control of which lines they promote, when, and to which customers, increasing the likelihood of a positive purchase decision.

Ensuring comprehensive sales with spell correction and auto complete

Up to 50% of data entered into search engines is misspelled or mistyped. That’s a risk Tesco can’t afford to take. Locayta’s spell correction and auto-complete functions have revolutionised traditional and cumbersome dictionary software. A unique combination of trigram analysis and edit-distance algorithms ensures that every misspelling is detected and resolved so that customers always find their desired items. Auto-complete technology offers users a choice of pre-populated terms that respond in real time to collected data on user behaviour.

The result is a quick, personalised experience for customers plus increased online sales and average order values for Tesco. If you want to discover true online retail success contact us today or view a free demo of Locayta’s technology – the preferred choice not just for Tesco but for many leading brands, including Paperchase, Boohoo, Superdry and the British Museum.