Urban fashion brand Superdry are enjoying global success, with 91 store outlets in the UK alone and online sales to 300 countries. Locayta’s unique search and merchandising technology is a vital component in their aim to increase e-commerce sales to 20% of total group revenue. Read on to find out how Locayta ESP is making that growth happen.

Optimising search success with advanced spelling and navigation tools

Superdry employs Locayta’s powerful technology to increase navigation success and reduce search spelling errors. Unlike other systems the Locayta spell correction function does not rely on old fashioned dictionary software. Instead it employs two sophisticated algorithms that correct misspellings and locate suitable products even when the first letter of the word is mistyped. This virtually eradicates spelling errors – a key factor in more than 50% of failed site searches online.

Demanding internet shoppers don’t want to be confused by cumbersome product displays. Superdry uses Locayta’s intelligent navigation functionality for a quick, accurate search experience. The software adapts to metrics data defined by Superdry – such as price, colour and new lines. It then responds to information on user preferences, directing customers to products matching their requirements. The result is a convenient experience for the customer and the dramatically increased likelihood of a final purchase.

Enhancing the Superdry brand through online visual merchandising

Visual impact is vital to inspire and tempt customers, especially in the fashion industry. Locayta’s visual merchandising package supports Superdry by giving them the power to control product displays online. Balance factor technology allows the sequencing of products in order to promote particular lines and adapt displays to the behavioural history of each shopper.

This ensures that Superdry fans will find the garments and accessories that suit their look exactly, whilst enabling Superdry to promote specific lines according to their stock priorities.

Cross-selling and up-selling through product recommendations

An ambitious strategy for online growth means that Superdry must maximise every opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell. Locayta’s product recommendation and accessory recommendation tools collect and analyse consumer data in real time, using this information to suggest additional products that will appeal to the customer’s personal preferences.

Over 80% of shoppers are highly influenced by product recommendations. A unique combination of intelligent software and a commission-based costing structure makes Locayta product recommendations a quick, potent and cost-effective way to ensure that every customer’s average order value increases.

These are just some elements of the revolutionary Locayta ESP platform, created to enhance every aspect of e-commerce and trusted by more than 35 leading retail brands including Boohoo, Tesco, and Prezziebox. If you want to enjoy similar success view a live demo today, then contact us to explore what Locayta can do for your business.