In a modern consumer driven world e-commerce isn’t an optional extra. 59% of UK shoppers now choose to buy on online and expect to find what they want literally at the click of a button. That’s why online retailing giants like Boohoo, Tesco and Superdry turn to Locayta for cost-effective search solutions that guide visitors quickly and conveniently in order to encourage purchasing decisions.

Direct and convert visitors with intelligent navigation

98% of online shoppers frequently leave a site without buying. 21st century consumers have unprecedented expectations of finding their desired product within seconds. Clunky search engines and irrelevant results are a sure-fire way to alienate visitors.

Don’t get caught in this trap. Locayta’s intelligent navigation functionality brings a new level of sophistication to search results. It allows the user to refine their search via numerous facets (for example size, price, brand, availability) making it incredibly easy for them to find and purchase their desired products. Furthermore, Locayta’s software actually learns as visitors search, analysing each user’s behaviour from the data they input and adapting the results to suit their individual profile.

Add to this auto-complete technology, predicting relevant options even as your visitors type, and advanced spell correction that eliminates the possibility of search errors through misspelling, and you have a powerful cocktail at your disposal to catch every visitor and convert them to a customer quickly and efficiently.

Cross-sell and up-sell with personalised product recommendations

8 out of 10 consumers confirm that product recommendations influence them to buy. Locayta’s product recommendations take the principle to sophisticated levels by actively recommending items that match your visitors’ behavioural patterns and search preferences.

This data is monitored and adjusted as your users search. The targeted results provide the most relevant product and accessory recommendations your shoppers could hope for and dramatically improve your chances of an increased average order value.

Boost your search results with balance factor sequencing

When you have a particular product, line or brand you wish to push Locayta allows you to do so whilst also maximising conversion rates. Our balance factor technology enables you, the retailer, to sequence the appearance of products across search and recommendation results so that visitors immediately view your priority products.

Simultaneously, clever algorithms analyse historical and real time user data and adapt results accordingly. You can achieve the perfect blend of pushing the lines you want to sell whilst giving your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

The overall result is slick, sophisticated technology that takes demanding shoppers straight to their desired purchase and enhances the experience with tempting extras. The decision to buy is made as easy as possible. If you want to dramatically increase conversion rates a free demo of our technology will show you exactly how easy it is to do. Or contact us for friendly help and advice and get started on growing your online business right now!