Can you really control every aspect of your e-commerce strategy with one simple toolkit? Thanks to Locayta, the answer is yes. With the most advanced search, recommendation and merchandising technology all integrated into our “software as a service” platform, it’s no wonder that top brands like Tesco, Superdry and the British Museum use Locayta as their e-commerce tool of choice.

Optimise search results for a positive user experience

There’s nothing more frustrating than a site that won’t give you what you’re looking for. Choose Locayta’s intelligent navigation software and you’ll ensure your visitors have nothing but a smooth journey. With multiple search options, designed for easy configuration and sophisticated results, users can drill down to their perfect purchase in a matter of seconds. Mix in advanced spell correction algorithms and intuitive auto-complete functionality and their search experience will be as seamless as you could ever dream of.

Grow average order values with product recommendations

Product recommendations are the most powerful tool in your repertoire for cross-selling and up-selling. Locayta product recommendations don’t just automatically generate results. They analyse how your users are structuring their searches to ensure that the products you suggest match their tastes and requirements beautifully.

Take it one step further with Locayta’s newly launched accessory recommendations. Now, for the first time, you can match specific accessories to the items your shoppers seek, enticing them to make that extra purchase. What’s more, you’ll grow your reputation as a site that is easy and comprehensive to use, thus developing a loyal customer base and growing repeat business.

Inspire customers to buy with clever visual merchandising

Visual displays are a crucial aspect of any retailing campaign, but historically it has been difficult to control dynamic visual displays online. Thanks to Locayta those days are gone. Easy to use within the Locayta platform, our visual merchandising toolkit enables you to control your product displays, brand adjacency, and promotional activities at the touch of a button.

Not only can your customers see exactly what they are looking for quickly and conveniently, our balance factor technology enables you to implement specific marketing strategies by visually promoting the priority lines of your choice within your users’ search parameters.

Personalise the experience with intelligent technology

Every one of these tools operate to one vital principle that sets Locayta’s technology apart. Unique algorithms constantly analyse your users’ behaviour – such as search preferences, visitor frequency, and previous items purchased. Across every element of your website from initial search results to visual displays and product recommendations, the results your customers see are adjusted behind the scenes to match their behaviour exactly. All quick and easy to configure in one simple, dynamic platform that is completely under your control.

That’s good news for your customers as it enhances the relevance of their experience. And it’s great news for you, since a positive experience for users increases the chances of converting, cross-selling and up-selling for outstanding revenue results. Want to know more? Explore our online demo or contact us directly to discover a truly integrated system for comprehensive e-commerce results.