Since 2001 Magento has offered the e-commerce industry a new way to control the look, feel and functionality of their websites. As an official industry partner to Magento, Locayta are leading the way in the latest site search and merchandising developments. Currently deployed by Locayta clients including Tesco, Boohoo and Superdry, these upgrades are now available to all Magento merchants. Read on to find out what Locayta’s partnership with Magento could do for you!

How does the Magento platform work?

The key to Magento’s success is its flexibility. Modern retailers want more than just a static website. They need to be able to respond instantly to consumer needs in order to meet discerning and dynamic demands.

Magento is an open source platform. It provides an intuitive interface that allows retailers to control every aspect of their website – from its front end appearance to behind the scenes performance. But that’s just the start of the story. Cutting edge technology from Locayta is taking this leading platform to a new level of performance by providing sophisticated extensions that are fully downloadable and ready to go for any Magento user.

What are the benefits of Locayta extensions for Magento users?

Over 100,000 online merchants use Magento to power their online retailing presence. As the e-commerce industry continues to boom retailers need quick, powerful solutions to enhance every aspect of their interaction with shoppers. Locayta now offers a range of extensions to every Magento user – fully developed, fully manufacturer approved, and ready to carry your e-commerce platform into the future.

Extensions will be available across every aspect of Locayta’s three-tiered merchandising technology. Visual merchandising, product recommendations, and intelligent search functions are offered as individual Magento extensions – or choose a combination for a truly powerful e-commerce toolkit. The freedom to download and plug in the modules you choose provides a truly cost-effective and time-efficient solution that slots straight into your current Magento system with ease.

What’s more, Locayta constantly develops and updates our technology behind the scenes to ensure that every e-commerce tool in your repertoire stays ahead of the game. You only have to download an extension once, then we’ll do the rest to ensure that the latest modular upgrades are integrated into your technology seamlessly, without you having to lift a finger or make any changes to your system.

How can I access Locayta’s new Magento extensions?

Locayta’s portfolio of extensions will be available for Magento users to download quickly, easily and on demand. It’s the perfect solution to make your technology work hard for you and respond intelligently to your customers for ultimate retailing success. For a more detailed overview of our search, merchandising and recommendation solutions view a free demo here.

Or, to explore what Locayta can do to enhance your Magento platform, contact us today!