E-commerce has never been as big as it right now – with over 50% of shoppers now choosing to purchase on the internet. Clients as big as Tesco, Superdry, Prezzybox and the British Museum rely on Locayta for cutting edge technology that gives them the ideal blend of manual site control plus intelligent technology to drive sales behind the scenes. These new advances in freestyle merchandising can revolutionise the potential of your website now and in the future.

Maximise visual merchandising potential with Locayta’s flexible technology

Online visual merchandising has historically been cumbersome to manage. In a competitive market retailers need total control over their visual displays, product sequencing and brand adjacency to maximise promotional opportunities. Now, Locayta’s visual merchandising technology enables users to mix and match cleverly configured algorithms with their own personal input to achieve the ideal merchandising strategy.

Sophisticated balance factor technology weights metrics data from your site to automatically sequence products according to size, price, popularity, stock levels and many other factors – ensuring product displays are relevant to consumer trends as well as to your own promotional priorities. In addition you have the ability to configure your own product displays, promotions and brand adjacency according to changing circumstances. It’s this potent mix of sophisticated technology and manual configuration at the touch of a button that makes Locayta the preferred choice for retailers who need ultimate control over their sites.

Control product recommendations in the way you choose

Product recommendations are one of the most effective tools any in online retailing – proven to encourage additional purchases, increase average order values and develop a loyal customer base. Locayta’s product recommendation algorithms respond in real time to the behaviour of your customers to ensure they are tempted by appealing, relevant product suggestions across your site.

This automated support is enhanced through the ability to access, manipulate and amend product recommendations yourself at any time. You can respond to the external environment and promotional priorities as they arise. Whilst your website works hard to predict and respond to shoppers’ demands on your behalf, you always have the freedom to input your own data and preferences to get the products you need to push in front of your customers.

Enjoy intelligent navigation with the level of input you choose

A quick, relevant search experience is a must to convert and retain visitors. Locayta’s intelligent navigation technology allows shoppers to refine their search via any number of facets. These are determined according to your data and respond in real time to the behaviour your users display. Again, whilst Locayta’s software is constantly adapting search results to your users’ needs, you can choose to input manually at any time by determining the number of facets displayed, controlling the sequence in which they appear, and optimising navigation results for particular search terms.

Locayta freestyle merchandising is the perfect blend of advanced intuitive technology that works hard on your behalf, and a quick, easy to configure platform allowing your bespoke manual input. Never before have advances in e-commerce been so within your control. View a free demo of our unique software today – or contact us to find out about the flexibility and freedom Locayta could achieve for you.