With over 50% of consumers now choosing to shop over the internet, online visual merchandising has never been so important to entice, convert and retain customers. That’s why leading e-commerce retailers including Superdry, Boohoo and Tesco use Locayta’s advanced technology to control every aspect of their visual merchandising. Read on to find out how you too can create enticing product displays, control product sequencing, managing brand adjacency, and much more.

Deploy visual merchandising to deliver winning product promotions

Historically visual merchandising on websites has been a cumbersome affair with limited possibilities. Now, Locayta’s pioneering visual merchandising technology enables retailers to respond to factors such as consumer preferences, seasonal trends and stock levels by dynamically sequencing the order in which products appear.

The software integrates directly into your own e-commerce platform and will update product displays automatically in response to site metrics data. Or you can choose to input manually where a specific contribution is required.

Apply balance factor technology to adjust product displays

When basic product displays don’t deliver enough impact, Locayta’s balance factor for merchandising gives you complete flexibility to manage your online displays. The technology orders product displays according to the metrics defined by you – such as size, price, popularity and brand. You can configure absolutely any metric specification as well as specifying the percentage by which results are skewed in favour of this data.

Once configured, the technology dynamically updates product sequencing according to changing information – for example varying stock levels or new lines. It’s a sophisticated solution that is nonetheless easy to configure and apply – the ideal tool to ensure your site presents the right products to every customer for a positive purchasing decision.

Control brand adjacency with Locayta’s advanced technology

For many retailers the need to control brand adjacency is crucial to supplier relationships as well as sales. Locayta’s brand adjacency tool ensures that not only can you group brands together, you can also keep them apart and control the order in which they appear.

You set the rules behind the scenes by defining your brand adjacency criteria. Responsive algorithms then adjust your brand sequencing within those parameters according to data such as stock levels, new lines, and search popularity. You’ll promote your priority products effectively, whilst maintaining exemplary brand loyalty for your suppliers.

In conjunction with our product recommendation and intelligent search solutions, Locayta’s visual merchandising platform provides a fast, powerful, industry leading solution for more than 100 UK retailers including Paperchase, LN-CC and the British Museum store. To join them in e-commerce success, view an online demo or contact us to find out more.