Every online retailer appreciates that increasing average order values and developing a loyal customer base are crucial to business growth. One of the most effective to do this is by deploying product recommendations on your site. Shown to increase online sales by up to 45%, product recommendations from Locayta are easy to use, generate a guaranteed ROI, and can even be used to drive repeat business to your site.

Personalise product recommendations with ease

These days online consumers demand more. Not only do they want to find what they’re looking for within seconds, they expect exemplary service every time they shop. Offer anything less and you risk being left behind. Industry leaders including Tesco, Superdry, and Paperchase use Locayta’s product recommendations and accessory recommendations to deliver a superior shopping experience as well as growing revenue.

The software is based around responsive algorithms that track your users’ behaviour, analysing their searches, shopping baskets and purchases in real time. The resultant data feeds into product recommendations to ensure that suggested items are relevant and likely to appeal to your shoppers. With 80% of consumers testifying to being influenced by product recommendations, this is a sure fire way to enhance the online purchasing experience and ultimately drive your sales.

Increase repeat traffic with e-mail recommendations

A loyal customer base is a profitable customer base, so naturally when someone buys from your site you’ll want them to come back again and again. Locayta’s e-mail recommendations analyse collected data on the items shoppers have previously searched for and bought. They then generate highly personalised e-mails with product suggestions, drawing customers back to your site and encouraging them to purchase again.

Product and e-mail recommendations are easy to set up and will do all the hard work for you behind the scenes, adapting their performance to changing consumer habits. What’s more, because they operate on a performance based pricing model and are proven to increase sales you’ll enjoy a great return on a low risk investment.

Locayta offers a comprehensive repertoire of online retailing tools that are used by more than 100 top retailers. Brands as prestigious as Boohoo, the British Museum and Prezzybox know they can rely on our search, merchandising and product recommendation technology to grow their e-commerce performance. If you want to enjoy similar success our free online demo will show you how it’s done. Or contact us directly to find out how Locayta can help your business fly!