These days online consumers expect to find everything they want instantly. That’s why industry leading retailers like Superdry, Boohoo and LN-CC insist on the most sophisticated search technology to ensure every customer can find their ideal product. These companies know that quick, efficient search is the key to engaging visitors, converting them to customers, and encouraging increased purchasing.

Guide customers with ease with intelligent navigation

As a retailer you want complete control over your website, but you need to know you’re responding flexibly to consumer trends too. The answer is Locayta’s advanced intelligent navigation technology. You can set up and control not just the criteria your shoppers use to search, but the order in which these appear. More than this, our complementary balance factor technology allows you to influence search results according to changing trends, stock levels and promotions.

Balance factor works by defining your own metrics such as popularity, stock levels and profit margins. For each metric you can choose the level by which search results are influenced. In this way you ensure searches favour your priority products, whilst delivering relevant results for every shopper.

The result is a fast, fuss-free experience that gives users exactly the information they need. Meanwhile you can control and adapt your retailing strategy to achieve maximised conversion rates and increased order values.

Eliminate search errors with spell correction and auto-complete

Almost 50% of failed searches are the result of mis-spelling or mis-typing. Traditionally such scenarios have been handled by dictionary software – but the functionality is limited. Now Locayta has taken spell-correction to an entirely new level by deploying technology that uses intelligent algorithms to virtually eradicate any risk of failed searches.

This is complemented by our powerful auto-complete technology. Not only does auto-complete enhance search convenience for users by predicting results, it also works for your business. You can configure every aspect of auto-complete to ensure that it delivers exactly the search results for your shoppers whilst promoting the lines and items that are important to you.

Cross-sell and up-sell to increase purchasing volume

One of the lowest risk, highest return methods of increasing average order values is the use of product recommendations. Locayta’s cleverly programmed algorithms are revolutionising the ability to make highly personalised recommendations based on consumer search and selection behaviour.

Not only do product recommendations enhance the shopping experience by offering a personalised service, they are also highly effective in cross-selling and up-selling the lines you want to promote. That’s because you can configure the technology automatically or manually to achieve exactly the level of control you need, whilst also observing and adapting to consumer preferences.

Product recommendations and intelligent navigation are just a few key elements of Locayta’s portfolio. For complete search, visual merchandising and recommendation solutions take a tip from industry leaders like Tesco and the British Museum. Contact us or view an online demo to find out just how easy it is to integrate Locayta’s advanced technology into your e-commerce site.