Have you always assumed that the slick, quick performance delivered by industry leading websites is out of your ball park? Nothing could be further from the truth. The sophisticated online performance of market giants like Tesco and Boohoo is within every retailer’s reach. Their secret is Locayta’s search and merchandising platform – a powerful solution that is surprisingly simple to use.

How does Locayta’s technology work?

Software from Locayta is programmed to work hard on your behalf, allowing you to add your own manual input as suits your strategy.

Our rules-based merchandising is built around a powerful rules engine. This tool allows you to define the positioning of products within pages or search results. You determine your own criteria such as price, stock levels and newness to market. Balance factor technology then allows you to define the percentage by which these criteria are weighted. This informs the software as to how to display and sequence products to achieve your merchandising goals.

Your site’s performance is enhanced further by the use of behavioural algorithms. These track the activity on your site, analysing users’ search input, selections, shopping baskets and checkout purchases to build personalised consumer data. Search results and product recommendations are deployed in response to that data. The front end result is an accurate response to your market that significantly increases conversion rates and average order values.

Algorithms are the drivers behind efficient search functionality too. Spelling errors cause 50% of search failures but traditional dictionary software has limited capabilities. Locayta spell-correction uses a combination of trigram analysis and edit-distance algorithms to catch all mis-spellings. They can deal with brand or product names as well as handling mis-typings of the first search letter – both scenarios that dictionary databases cannot cope with.

How can I access Locayta’s technology?

Locayta operates a software as a service model. You can access our technology online and easily integrate the tools you require into your own platform. The benefits include automatic updates to your software as new tools are developed.

You don’t need to be a technical wizard to configure the platform to your business criteria. Our free online demo will show you just how simple the process is.

How will Locayta’s technology help my business?

The cost efficiency benefits of Locayta’s merchandising solutions are clear. Just look at the facts. The 2011 Global Consumer Shopping Habits Survey reports that 63% of shoppers now choose to buy online. 98% will leave a site without buying if they cannot find what they want quickly, whilst 80% are heavily influenced by product recommendations.

It follows that if your website is geared up to eradicate failed searches, control strong promotional strategies and make relevant recommendations then you will increase order values and enhance customer loyalty. It’s well within your reach to achieve the same merchandising standard as Superdry, Prezzybox and LN-CC, all of whom are Locayta clients. Interested? Contact Locayta to find out more!