The British Museum’s online store plays a vital part in generating revenue for this iconic institution. Achieving a streamlined online shopping experience is no mean feat given the diverse array of gifts, membership and ticketing options the website offers. Enter Locayta’s sophisticated search solutions. Powerful yet simple to apply, they deliver all the functionality the British Museum needs to maximise every retailing opportunity.

Sophisticated searches that are easy to implement

The British Museum depends on merchandising income to augment it’s statutory funding. Enabling shoppers to find what they want quickly and conveniently is therefore a must. Locayta have provided the solution with a full search repertoire combining intelligent navigation, spell correction and auto-complete technology to ensure all the search bases are covered.

Products change rapidly due to a high level of special feature exhibitions and accompanying merchandise. Intelligent navigation enables the British Museum to configure search criteria dynamically according to the key strategy drivers at that time – from specifying current exhibition criteria to managing stock levels and promoting particular ranges.

Meanwhile, spell-correction and auto-complete functionality ensure absolute search accuracy even when shoppers seek specialised items. Spell-correction transcends the functionality of traditional dictionary software, applying trigram analysis and edit-distance algorithms that pick up and predict almost any mis-spelling or mis-typing – even when the first letter of the word is incorrect.

Enhanced solutions for visitors on the go

The British Museum attracts a global tourist footfall, so it makes sense to maximise every mobile search opportunity. Locayta has developed clever tools to enhance search success for users even when they are out and about. Locayta search mobile is a full text search function for the Apple IoS platform. An army of users can perform full searches on their iphones or ipads – ensuring that even if they didn’t buy during their visit they still have the option to find souvenirs or future tickets as they travel around. The software is free to use for development purposes or can be licensed for a modest one-off fee, maximising returns for any retailer at any level.

Combine this with Locayta’s advanced SEO page builder for optimised search results and you have a totally versatile toolkit that can cope with even the most demanding product base. The result is a streamlined online experience for your customers and a cost effective solution for your business. Want to know more? Contact Locayta directly or view an online demo of our advanced search software today!