The latest statistics provide a compelling argument for product recommendations. More than 50% of shoppers now prefer to buy online, with 80% of shoppers agreeing that product recommendations are a key influencer in extra purchasing decisions. The result? Increased order values for you, plus the benefits recommendations bring in developing customer loyalty and driving traffic back to your site.

How do product recommendations work?

The secret lies in Locayta’s algorithms that intelligently map shopping behaviour – from the items users are searching for to what they add to their baskets. This data enables Locayta’s product recommendations to deploy suggestions at every stage of the online sales loop, encouraging consumers to make an extra purchase that complements their core choice and delivers increased sales revenue for you.

The software does all the hard work for you, yet offers manual configuration options for flexibility of use. That’s why e-commerce pioneers Boohoo, LN-CC and Prezzybox all use Locayta’s technology to ensure that every product recommendation matches the profile and behaviour of their markets beautifully.

What are the benefits of product recommendations to my customers?

The modern e-consumer demands more. They want to get to the items they seek quickly and with minimum fuss. Whilst Locayta’s intelligent search solutions allow them to do just that, product recommendations create a more personalised experience. Your shoppers will immediately see the items most likely to match what they’re choosing to buy right now. Our new product accessory recommendations take it even further, recommending specific accessories that are particularly relevant when shoppers seek a particular branded item or fashion trend.

Can product recommendations increase conversion rates?

98% of shoppers leaving a site without buying if they can’t find what they want. Locayta’s intelligent navigation and product recommendations enhance the search experience, encouraging retention and purchase. You can also use e-mail recommendations to bring previous customers back. This technology collates data on previous behaviour and generates highly personalised e-mails to suggest products your shoppers will want to explore. Ultimately you’ll enjoy increased conversion rates as well as a higher rate of traffic to your site.

What shoppers don’t realise is that behind the scenes you can configure and weight product sequencing to match your current promotional strategy. If you have new lines you want to push, or you need to increase sales in a certain price bracket you can ensure these items appear first in the recommendation cycle. Your customers know they will find the items they need, whilst you experience revenue growth. These recommendation solutions are accessible to any e-commerce merchant and guarantee a return thanks to their performance based pricing structure.

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