For e-tailing pioneers like Boohoo and Prezzybox enticing customers with compelling product displays is crucial. Traditionally visual merchandising capacity has been limited and cumbersome to manage in cyberspace. These days that problem is a thing of the past, thanks to sophisticated yet simple to use visual merchandising software from Locayta.

Recreate high street appeal with intelligent product sequencing

Visual merchandising online is about more than just featuring images. To achieve superior revenue growth you need flexible control over every aspect of your product displays, from pushing key lines for optimised profit to reacting speedily to seasonal promotional opportunities.

Locayta’s visual merchandising software enables comprehensive management of your online display strategy. Available to access online and easy to integrate and configure, the technology enables you to sequence your displays according to your own sales criteria. After initial set up the technology works dynamically on your behalf, whilst maintaining your freedom to opt in with manual control whenever you need to make quick and specific changes.

Enhance your visual merchandising strategy with balance factor technology

When you’re configuring online merchandising you need to ensure that your priority products are at the forefront, whilst also satisfying consumer search demands. The answer lies in Locayta’s balance factor technology. This powerful piece of kit enables you to configure the percentage by which product sequencing is weighted according to any criteria you choose – from sales velocity tracked via behavioural algorithms to stock levels, price or special promotional activities.

The ability to specify your own weighting metrics gives you complete control over which products appear at the top of searches, category results and page displays. It’s a streamlined solution that ensures your merchandising strategy is working hard to achieve the right results for your business.

Keep supplier relationships fruitful with brand adjacency control

For merchants carrying branded lines the ability to maintain brand adjacency is crucial to meeting contractual obligations. Locayta equips you to manage your branding strategy in conjunction with balance factor weighting, whether you need to group brands together or keep them apart. The result is dynamic product merchandising that fulfil your brand responsibilities whilst ensuring that you maximise placement of high return lines to grow sales revenue.

Add this to a complete portfolio of product recommendation and intelligent search tools and you have a comprehensive e-commerce solution that is fast, efficient and cost-effective. Locayta clients including Tesco, Superdry and Paperchase already know the value of our Software as a Service tools. If you want to explore them further you can view an online demo right now, or just get in touch to find out exactly what Locayta can do to drive your business forward.