Valentines Day is one of the key promotional opportunities of the year, and with more than 50% of consumers now choosing to shop online gift retailers like Prezzybox and Paperchase are going to be busy! As hoards of people hunt for the ideal gift to say “I love you” Locayta is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that searches run smoothly and clever product recommendations entice those important extra purchasing decisions.

Intelligent search: guiding customers to their ideal gift

We all know the scenario. Your loved one is eagerly anticipating that perfect Valentines Day gift, but you just don’t have a clue what to get them. In this circumstance websites that actively take customers to relevant choices are bound to win out.

Locayta’s intelligent search technology offers flexible, feature rich options that quickly adapt e-commerce sites to help hapless shoppers find their ideal gift. Categories can be quickly amended to include gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives, plus size, colour and price range or whatever metrics you choose to apply.

At the same time our unique balance factor technology enables the retailer to weight the order in which search results appear, influence purchasing decisions and hence delivering a powerful promotional strategy for this special day.

Mix in cutting edge intelligent navigation that responds to data on previous user preferences, plus spell-correction and auto-complete analysis to eliminate incorrect searches, and you have a solution that delivers the helpful service customers require whilst pushing the products that will generate maximum profit for your business.

Product recommendations: enhancing positive purchasing decisions

Product recommendations are one of the most effective ways to increase average order values and encourage customer loyalty. They respond to user search behaviour by tracking the items selected and responding intelligently with relevant additional suggestions. Naturally shoppers want their Valentines gifts to be received with delight, so the opportunity to add that extra gesture is sure to be welcome.

Product accessory recommendations take the principle further by placing the ideal accessories for selected main items right in front of the consumer. What’s more, Locayta has the ability to generate intuitive and specific e-mail recommendations that are personalised to the shopper and tailored to your promotion. E-mails are sent to previous users to drive traffic back to your site and maximise the revenue opportunity Valentines Day represents.

Add to this an unprecedented ability to control product sequencing and brand adjacency online and you have a comprehensive e-tailing package that will drive conversion rates, increase average order values, and ultimately boost your profits with healthy sales and loyal customers who are impressed by your site’s functionality.

Available online and simple to configure to your platform, Locayta’s search and merchandising software is transforming e-commerce functionality for hundreds of leading retailers. Tesco, Boohoo and Superdry all choose Locayta for quick, slick online merchandising. If you’re tempted by the prospect of similar success view an online demo to appreciate in detail exactly what Locayta is capable of.