In virtual retailing the ability to deliver fast, personalised results and recommendations is crucial to success. That’s why e-commerce leaders including Tesco, Paperchase and the British Museum turn to Locayta for enhanced search and merchandising performance. Many of our solutions utilise cutting edge algorithms that blend responsiveness with simplicity of use for a cost-efficient, high return e-commerce strategy.

Personalised shopping delivered by behavioural algorithms

Increasing site traffic and average order values are cornerstones of online sales success. To stay ahead of the game it’s vital that product recommendations are part of your merchandising mix. Locayta’s behavioural algorithms provide customised suggestions according to the past and present behaviour of your shoppers.

Locayta tracks and analyses the preferences of users on your site, attaching an appropriate weight to different actions including the items searched for, viewed, added to baskets and purchased. The “weighted user journey” algorithm then tailors product recommendations to this data, updating results in real time. This is a key tool in maximising order values by tempting customers with the items that complement their main purchases perfectly.

As well as responding to changing preferences, Locayta also allows you to opt in manually and change the weighting of any criteria. This gives you the control to balance product recommendations with the lines you need to prioritise – the perfect blend of customer service and pro-active retailing to ensure revenue growth.

Enhancing search accuracy with ranking algorithms

Locayta has developed pioneering search technology derived from the BM25 ranking algorithm. Our own version examines search data input, analysing the relevance of each possible result to ensure the most relevant suggestions. When indexing products and pages you can also add your own weighting to any field to influence search results. Ranking algorithms are an integral feature of Locayta’s full merchandising platform as well as our Mobile iOS search library, ensuring that mobile consumers don’t miss a trick when they’re shopping on the go.

Algorithms play a crucial role in Locayta’s search and merchandising technology, delivering a fast, efficient user experience whilst giving you complete control over your site’s performance. If you want to understand more about exactly how Locayta works our technical overview will tell you all you need to know. If you’re simply concerned with achieving e-commerce functionality that is easy to configure, highly cost effective and proven to increase sales revenue, go straight to our online demo. The likes of Superdy, Boohoo, Prezzybox and LN-CC all choose Locayta as their merchandising tool of choice. Contact us today to discuss how we can help to grow your online business too.