For online retailers, the ability to cross-sell and up-sell effectively is a vital component of a successful business plan. This merchandising technique has been shown to grow website revenue by an average of 15%. Effective cross and up-selling demands an intelligent understanding not only of consumer response triggers, but also of product values and relationships and how these can be managed to support your underlying strategy.

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising gives e-commerce companies the ability to deliver sophisticated, responsive recommendations and product placements across your site in order to increase conversion rates and average order values for a healthy return.

How do cross selling recommendations work?

Cross and up-selling recommendations enable retailers to present relevant suggestions to shoppers, complementing the items they are searching for or have selected. Locayta’s product recommendation and accessory recommendation software uses behavioural algorithms to track past and present user behaviour – from categories searched to items viewed and added to baskets.

The technology then presents additional suggestions that respond to this data even as consumers shop, maximising the likelihood of additional purchases. Leading retailers including the British Museum Company and Tesco Clothing are making full use of Locayta’s product recommendations to drive conversions and order values for enhanced customer service as well as revenue growth.

The importance of balance factor weighting in cross-selling

Retailers need the ability to incorporate multiple internal variables into cross-selling, as well as responding to external information about user behaviour. Locayta’s balance factor technology offers you the capability to internally weight display results via our simple to use dashboard. Weighting metrics might include newness of products, stock levels, special promotions or price ranges – but can be adapted to any criteria that is most relevant to your business.

Crucially, product recommendations combine user preferences with your own product weighting. This means that you can achieve the right balance between delivering what your customers need and promoting the products and lines most likely to generate a healthy margin for you.

Recommendations can be made at any point on your site from the home page to search results and shopping baskets. This gives you comprehensive coverage, knowing that at every stage of the user journey you are maximising your merchandising opportunities with every shopper.

Drive traffic and conversions with e-mail recommendations and mobile search

Cross-selling techniques can now also be applied to drive inactive or lapsed users back to your site as well as increasing the activity of current shoppers. The same cleverly configured algorithms that control site based recommendations can produce highly targeted e-mail recommendations to entice customers back and encourage them to purchase. When users respond to an e-mail suggestion and visit your site you can then also offer similar but higher value recommendations in order to increase profit margins on conversions.

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising is the first platform to combine highly effective product recommendations with a full search and merchandising tool kit, available on a Software as a Service basis. The technology is cost-effective, easy to configure, and can plug straight into your current platform with no changes to your site’s structure. This revolutionary approach to e-commerce has already engaged flagship brands including Boohoo, Superdry, Prezzybox and Paperchase. If you’re looking to to enhance your e-commerce revenue contact us today to find out more, or view an online demo to fully appreciate the potential Locayta FreeStyle Merchandising holds for you.