Nothing frustrates online shoppers more than clunky, ineffective search engines. Delivering fast accurate search results is a sure fire way to increase conversion rates and drive sales revenue. Locayta clients including Tesco, Superdry and Prezzybox have all experienced tangible returns thanks to our Freestyle Merchandising technology that features pioneering search and navigation functionality for error free browsing every time. Here’s the low down on how the technology works and why it offers a flexible, cost-effective solution to make sure every visitor has a productive search experience.

Spell correction: the antidote to outdated dictionary software

Up to 50% of search errors are the result of mis-spellings or mis-typings. Historically websites have been dependant on dictionary software to deal with this scenario – however the functionality is limited and labour intensive.

Dictionary software depends on the manual indexing of new terms, meaning that if you add or remove products the onus is on you to update your dictionary index accordingly. That costs you time and introduces the risk of human error. The same applies to words that are not normally included in a dictionary but matter to you – for example unusual brand or product names.

What’s more, dictionary spell checking relies on the principle that the first or second letters of the word have been typed correctly. Locayta’s research has shown that the vast majority of mis-spellings are in fact down to typing errors. If there is a typo at the front end of the search term then dictionary software is unable to relate this back to the product index and your shoppers are headed towards frustration and disappointment.

In response to these issues Locayta has developed advanced spell correction technology built around two algorithms. Trigram analysis breaks search terms into blocks and rotates them, eliminating the problem of first letter mistyping and enhancing the likelihood of a possible word match. Meanwhile the edit-distance algorithm measures the proportion by which the word has been mis-spelled. The result? Powerful spell correction capability that delivers accurate search results and an enhanced user experience.

Auto-complete and intelligent navigation: convenient searching, powerful merchandising

As an online retailer you need to balance exemplary customer service with the promotion of your priority products. Locayta auto-complete populates search terms by matching what customers are typing with previously searched products plus your products index for closely aligned results.

Intelligent navigation enables you to configure multiple facets by which your shoppers can refine their search. Like all Locayta technology you have the power to tailor your criteria to match your individual retailing strategy. Users can browse by size, price, colour, gender, or any other facet you choose. When you are dealing with special promotions you can adjust your criteria to fit that scenario. Via the dashboard you can also choose how they are ordered (for example by relevance or frequency) and how many refinement options appear.

Spell correction, auto-complete and intelligent navigation are all part of Locayta’s unprecedented Freestyle Merchandising technology. The software is accessible online and can be plugged straight into your existing e-commerce platform. The unique ability to manage search solutions, visual merchandising and product recommendations in a single system is increasing revenue for hundreds of retailers including flagship brands Boohoo, the British Museum Company and Paperchase. They choose Locayta for affordable solutions that deliver a tangible return on investment. If that makes sound business sense to you try Locayta’s online demo today or contact us to find out more.