Locayta will be showcasing Freestyle Merchandising at IRX2012.

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising gives the retailer complete control over the sequencing and presentation of products throughout their site. Search results pages, category pages and product recommendations can be configured to precisely match the retailer’s merchandising goals.

Balance Factors are the business rules with which you can dynamically alter the sequence of products using metrics such as popularity, price, stock level, margin, newness to site and more. Different tactics can be deployed for different customers at different times of the day. Tactics can be deployed site wide or just within specific categories. Fine tuning and agile response to live events is handled by the Visual Merchandising tools. You can manually override the content sequencing of Balance Factor to ensure pages look ‘just right’ or take over the top row of products to match an advertising campaign.

Freestyle merchandising frees the retailer from the constraints of their underlying eCommerce system to merchandise products online the same way they would in their stores.