There’s no denying the success that urban casual wear retailer Superdry have experienced both on and offline. Their product is great and PR strategy flawless but these things alone cannot be solely responsible for their outstanding success. Since venturing into the online arena back in 2010, Superdry’s online sales have trebled contributing to total revenue being up by 71%. Although the aforementioned attributes make up the driving force that brings visitors to Superdry’s online platform, the difficulty lies in converting that audience into sales and in turn profit.

At this critical time in the user journey, we should consider the functionality and usability of Superdry’s site to tap into some of their successes. Superdry’s investment in this area has led to a substantial increase in the number of sales since they began their online venture. So how did they do it? Let’s explore some of the ways in which Superdry have invested in their site in order to maximise their volume of sales.

Guided Navigation
For the Superdry shopper, finding the correct product quickly and efficiently is paramount. An intelligent navigation search enables just this. To facilitate a speedy, slick and seamless shopper experience, Superdry have employed specific technology to allow customers to streamline their search options in mere moments and pinpoint their purchase with ease. So how does it work? The guided navigation search engine technology from Locayta, enables customers to personalise their search with various options like size, category, colour and price.  This advanced technology interacts immediately with consumer behaviour resulting in relevant, appropriate and highly likely purchase options being displayed. Implementing such technology has been highly beneficial to Superdry as a business; customers enjoy a fuss-free purchasing experience whilst the brand itself has seen sales increase by up to 19%. Guided Navigation Guided Navigation

In the eCommerce sector your website essentially becomes your virtual shop window.  Visually, placing appropriate product alongside appropriate product increases basket value, maximises conversions and entices new first time buyers. As you can imagine, this poses a big technological challenge to the online market, in the past involving clumsy, static and time consuming site management. With a business as visually stimulating as Superdry’s, they have acknowledged the critical importance of merchandising to drive sales and turned to additional software from Locayta as a solution. Visual Merchandising Visual Merchandising

 Locayta’s visual merchandising technology allows Superdry to manually manipulate their displays quickly and easily if needed. In addition,the innovative software responds dynamically to their site’s metrics data, such as stock availability, popularity and newness, to sequence their product display appropriately and automatically. Superdry can now also manage the display of particular brands across their site as well as being able to schedule sequencing in advance for time sensitive promotions. This software is based upon a balance factor technology which is revolutionising visual merchandising across the web, not only for Superdry but also other clients including Boohoo and Tesco.

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