When it comes to investing in your online platform it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Whether you’re a new ecommerce player or an established retailer, the point of site investment is to get your site generating revenue for you. It can be tricky to whittle down the wealth of options and make an educated decision on the best optimisation strategy for  your online platform. Here’s our guide to the key areas of investment for a mutually beneficial outcome for both yourself and your customers.

Sales Speak: Converting visitors to  sales is the ultimate goal of any ecommerce site, so it makes sense to concentrate your time and efforts in this area. Analysing the customer journey and identifying the critical point at which a visit becomes a sale is hugely beneficial to your business.  Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® facilitates upgraded functionality across various aspects of your site to help you understand your customers and better service their needs.

Finding a Needle in a Haystack: A key example of Locayta’s Freestyle Merchandising is enhanced guided navigation. For  online shoppers, finding their desired product quickly and efficiently is of upmost importance. Losing them at the search stage is a common problem for  online retailers. Using a rules based feature set, Locayta helps merchants implement a streamlined search procedure that allows users to personalise their search with various options like size, category, colour and price. This delivers targeted results and increases the  likelihood of showing them the right products and hence converting them to purchase.

Visual Aids: As shopping is a such an interactive experience, online purchases depend highly upon what is displayed on screen. Manipulating site search results and  categories to look visually appealing has the power to increase basket value as well as maximising conversionsenticing new first time buyers. Locayta’s visual merchandising technology  allows efficient, effective and dynamic sequencing of products which will enhance your sales, and can be configured to operate automatically or via manual input as desired.

Make your solution work for you: Locayta visual merchandising also has the power to respond dynamically to your site’s metrics data. Whether it’s stock availability, popularity or newness, the software sequences product displays appropriately and automatically. You can manipulate the display of particular brands across your site, as well as being able to schedule sequencing in advance for time sensitive promotions. This unique software is called upon Locayta Balance Factor®, and it’s revolutionising visual merchandising across the web. You can enjoy complete control over your site displays and adapt them to your specific  stock,  products and your promotions.

Up selling: Once you have your customer in the purchasing mindset, it’s important to make the most of it. Implementing a system that dynamically generates relevant, compelling and intelligent product recommendations alongside purchases is proven to drive sales and increase basket value. Locayta’s Freestyle Merchandising technology dynamically generates the appearance of such products to make the most of your customer’s buying habits.

Time is money: Investing in your site should save you time, not cost you more of it. Implementing the features discussed above has in the past posed a big technological challenge to online platforms involving time consuming, static and clumsy site management. All the elements of Locayta’s Freestyle Merchandising technology are designed to work with your site to enhance your sales and streamline the management of your site.

Locayta are market leaders in ecommerce solutions  for clients including Boohoo.com, Superdry and Tesco. Each of these leading brands have  seen a significant increase in sales  – up to 19%, as a result of implementing these technologies. For more information on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising, find out more by visiting www.locayta.com for a quick, FREE and easy demo.