Our discussions to date have addressed how Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® can optimise your eCommerce platform as a whole. Now we present the first in a series where we take each particular service in turn and discuss the workings, merits and necessary considerations in employing the particular technology.

For a full overview of the vast array of services on offer from Locayta, check out some of our recent posts including full client case studies for Superdry and boohoo.com as well as our summary of the ‘Who what where of optimising your eCommerce platform‘. But for now we’re taking an in depth look at  Locayta Intelligent Site Search and Guided Navigation.

Guided navigation technology: what is it?

 Locayta Intelligent Site Search and Guided Navigation.

Locayta Guided Navigation sits on top of your eCommerce platform to to enhance the relevancy of search results within your site. Working with your product data, Guided Navigation enables your customers to drill-down into options defined by the retailer at their convienience via browse, search and refinement stages with choices spanning category, brand, price, colour, size, newness and more.

The Locayta Control Panel that sits behind Guided Navigation allows you to decide which options are displayed to your customers, in which order and  the number of options you’d like to display.

Multiple configurations are possible within Locayta’s technology. You can optimise different types of searches as well as specific search terms, putting you in control of your search results and the products displayed to your customers.

The ecommerce benefits: What can you gain from implementation?

The benefits: What can you gain from implementation?Internet retailers are well aware that for online shoppers finding products quickly and efficiently is paramount. Locayta Intelligent Site Search and Guided Navigation significantly increases the usability and effectiveness of searches within your site. This has been proven to substantially increase conversion rates as well as average order values.

Locayta‘s technology is specifically designed to help your customers find products on your site. Working with your existing data, the technology connects your customers to the right products quickly and accurately.

Ultimately, Locayta Intelligent Site Search and Guided Navigation delivers targeted results and has been shown to increase conversions and sales for our clients, including Tesco, Prezzybox and the British Museum Company.

Leading by example: some client experiences

Lead by example: some active clients

Locayta provide Intelligent Site Search and Guided Navigation for some of the UK’s largest ecommerce sites. An example includes award-winning fashion retailer, boohoo.com who have seen a sales growth of 150% over the last year.

With a vast array of products on site, boohoo.com deployed many of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® solutions, one of which was Guided Navigation.

boohoo.com wanted their users to be able to specifically personalise their search and acknowledged the value in providing such targeted search results for their customers.

Similarly, Superdry.com use Intelligent Site Search and Guided Navigation to facilitate a speedy, slick and seamless shopper experience on site.

Implementing such technology has been highly beneficial in business terms to both boohoo.com and Superdry.com. Customers enjoy a fuss-free purchasing experience whilst the brands themselves have seen sales increase by up to 19%.

The first steps: Where do you go from here?

Alongside many other services available from Locayta, Intelligent Site Search and Guided Navigation are fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. This means you can control other elements including visual merchandising and product recommendations alongside the features discussed today.

To see Intelligent Site Search and Guided Navigation in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit www.locayta.com for a quick, FREE and easy demo.