As we did earlier this week, this is the second in a series where we’re taking an element of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® to analyse the workings, merits and necessary considerations in employing a particular technology. Today we’re taking an in depth look at Locayta Balance Factor®.

Locayta Balance Factor®: What is it?

Locayta Balance Factor® is a unique, exclusive and highly original online merchandising tool only available from Locayta. Working with the data on your site and pre-determined preferences set by yourself, Locayta Balance Factor® ultimately gives you control over product sequencing on every single page of your ecommerce site.

Generated dynamically, Locayta Balance Factor®  combines rules based metrics with your own chosen retailing priorities including price, margin, newness and/or stock availability. It then analyses your priorities and weights results to order the sequence of your products on category pages accordingly.

Locayta Balance Factor® can also be applied to search results pages. This means you can control the sequencing of products in search results to boost items to the top in line with your retailing strategy. Whether you’re looking to push products with a higher profit margin, popular products, new products or products with high stock levels, Locayta Balance Factor® in search puts you in the driving seat like never before.

The ecommerce benefits: What can you gain from implementation?

Locayta Balance Factor® is unique in its ability to give retailers total control over where and when sales occur. This means that as a retailer, if you need to promote certain products to hit margins, clear stock or highlight popular products, for the first time strategic control is at your fingertips.

Locayta‘s technology is specifically designed to help you enhance your sales and conversion rates. As part of the full Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® package, Locayta Balance Factor® has increased sales across the web by up to 19%  for clients, including, and .

Leading by example: some client experiences

Chris Griffin, Head of Ecommerce at, currently employs Locayta Balance Factor®, ““Locayta offered the perfect combination of tools to control our search and merchandising. Our merchandising is much more effective and easy to manage, plus the system has undoubtedly driven revenue. Our e-commerce strategy has experienced four figure growth. We’re now aiming to roll out Freestyle Merchandising to eight further international sites in the next few months.” reports, “It’s been a revelation. We have total control. We use  Locayta Balance Factor® to adjust the weighting of search and category results, meaning that as well as responding to user behaviour we can add our own stock control and promotional strategies into the mix. We have the ability to create filter criteria to match seasonal promotions, gift categories and internal variables. Most crucially, because every decision we make can be applied automatically across every category we’ve eliminated any margin for error and ensured that our customers experience accurate results every time. It’s no exaggeration to say that we saw conversion rates increase overnight when we started using Locayta.”

The first steps: Where do you go from here?

Amongst the many services available from Locayta, Balance Factor® is a unique offering and comes fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see Locayta Balance Factor® in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit for a quick, FREE and easy demo.