For this week’s instalment of our step by step series analysing specific elements of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®, we’re taking a look at Locayta Search® spell-correction and considering the benefits, implications and practicality of its deployment.

Locayta Search® spell-correction: What is it?

Locayta Search® spell-correction technology catches any mis-spellings or mis-typings keyed into your eCommerce site and ensures that strong, full and relevant search results are displayed to your customers in all circumstances.

Using two different algorithms, trigram analysis and edit-distance, the technology analyses the search terms entered by your customers, detects any errors and matches them most closely with items in your product data. Trigram analysis divides words into sections and spins them around enhancing possible word matches. This works closely with Edit-distance, which measures the extent to which words have been mis-spelled. The two elements together create a very powerful and dynamic spell-correction mechanism.

Locayta Search® spell-correction is unique compared to traditional technologies used to save lost sales through mis-spelt search terms. These normally involve basic dictionary look-ups where terms are cross-referenced with words in an English Language Dictionary. This is problematic in many ways; brand names and specialised terms won’t always appear and  time consuming manual maintenance and updating is required. In addition, dictionary look-ups do not allow for mistakes made at the start of the word, but only deal with errors in the middle and the end. Locayta Search® spell-correction is based upon what is in your product index rather than a pre-determined dictionary and therefore allows for mistakes to be made in the entire word.

The ecommerce benefits: What can you gain?

Research proves that when it comes to online searches, up to 50% of queries can be mis-spelled or mis-typed. Just a single missing character, extraneous character or characters transposed may produce a zero search result. This means that without Locayta Search® spell-correction, at least half of your customer’s search terms are at risk of being lost, since zero search results will cause a very low likelihood of return visits from dissatisfied customers.

Locayta Search® spell-correction technology increases your conversion rates, average order values and average revenue per visit. It produces higher retention rates as well as increased customer satisfaction. As part of the full Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® package, Locayta Search® spell-correction has increased sales across the web by up to 19%  for clients including

Leading by example: a client experience

Head of eCommerce, Chris Griffin at, appreciates the benefits of the advanced nature of  Locayta Search® including spell-correction,  “We undertook extensive research to find a system that could improve our search and merchandising performance,” he explains, “Locayta offered the perfect combination of tools for the job. The ability to maintain superior search and category performance on a totally multilingual basis has generated phenomenal, if not unprecedented success for us. Our international ecommerce strategy has experienced four figure growth”.

The first steps: Where do you go from here?

Amongst the many services available from LocaytaLocayta Search® spell-correction comes fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see Locayta Search® spell-correction in action with a FREE DEMO and to find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit today.