If you’re a Magento user you’ll already know the benefits of one of the world’s most popular platforms. Alongside its comprehensive features and flexibility, Magento offers considerable muscle in its ability to accommodate extensions that can propel the platform to new levels of functionality.

An official partner to Magento, Locayta’s bespoke technology Freestyle Merchandising® is a prime example of how users can adapt the ecommerce giant’s to fit their specific needs.



Our extensions plug straight into Magento sites with no changes to the underlying structure. They enable retailers to increase revenue and margins by enhancing the visual merchandising, intelligent search and product recommendation functionality on their site. Here are just three of the benefits that you should know about when you’re looking at growing your ecommerce revenue.

Maximising Magento‘s core capabilities with enhanced online marketing

The right product displays and suggestions mean the right messages for your market – and that can only be a good thing. Freestyle Merchandising brings key business benefits to the table. For the first time you can control every aspect of search, merchandising and recommendations within one system in a totally flexible and responsive way.

But the real beauty lies within a cunning piece of kit that we’ve developed called Balance Factor®. This clever software enables you to define what’s most important to you as a merchant at any given time.

You might want to shift high volumes of stock, get rid of sale items or highlight new products to market. You can set these criteria in Balance Factor and it will weight search results to prioritise these products in your displays – but never to the detriment of the user’s own preferences. Unique to Locayta, Balance Factor makes a truly value adding tool to tighten margins and get that revenue flooding in.

Keeping up to date with the latest Magento advances

Magento is constantly evolving – so when you choose extensions you need to know they can keep up. Because we’re Magento partners you can install our portfolio of ecommerce tools safe in the knowledge that as the technology advances it will automatically be updated behind the scenes.

This applies to the entire Freestyle Merchandising portfolio, from slick visual merchandising to third party site advertising solutions and mobile ecommerce tools. It’s a win-win situation giving you the peace of mind that your site will always stay at the forefront of new online developments.

Generating proven returns on conversions and order values

At Locayta our aim is straightforward – to develop affordable, accessible ecommerce tools that increase profits for our clients. The ability to optimise products on your site according to both user behaviour (in real time) and your own commercial priorities (behind the scenes) makes for a potent combination.

The evidence is clear. Product recommendations can increase sales by up to 45% – and ours are powerfully intuitive in the way that they interact with the customer. Visual merchandising is crucial to delivering the aesthetic experience customers want. Search influenced by Balance Factor can deliver the products you need to sell right into your customers’ laps.

Our clients consistently experience increased returns on investment when they start using Freestyle Merchandising – and the likes of Tesco Clothing, boohoo.com and Superdry can’t be wrong! Try it for yourself.If you’re a Magento user get in touch and we’ll show you what the hype is all about!

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