Undeniably, one of Britain’s largest and most successful retailers, Tesco is one of the pioneers when it comes to eCommerce. Launching their first online store more than 11 years ago, their online presence has gone from strength to strength.With their online platform for F&F Clothing at Tesco launching in 2006, the brand has seen an online sales growth of 15% reported across their product portfolio in 2011 alone. There’s no denying Tesco are setting an example to follow.

What do we do for them?

In 2011, Tesco  turned to  Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®  to optimise their online sales through both Product Recommendations and more recently Product Accessory Recommendations.

Locayta Product Recommendations:

Tesco have implemented Locayta Product Recommendations to position relevant suggested products to the Tesco customer during their user experience. Using data on their users’ past and present behaviour, Product Recommendations are calculated using behavioural algorithms from the collective intelligence from the Tesco site. Locayta ensures that Tesco‘s product recommendations are subject to dynamic updates based on day-to-day selections and search behaviour within their site. Product Recommendations have seen sales grow revenue by up to 45% and influence 8 out of 10 shoppers to make an additional purchase. Implementing this technology for Tesco has  increased both their average order values and average revenue earned per visit.

Working with TescoLocayta take cross-selling to another level. In addition to the functionality outlined above, Product Accessory Recommendations select specific accessories that match to the products Tesco users are viewing. Upon viewing the basket, Tesco shoppers are shown these accessories and 80% of the time are enticed into purchasing the additional items. This technology results in a smooth, relevant and beneficial experience encouraging repeat visits, increasing average order values, sales revenue and growth.
What do Tesco say…?

Mark Wakeley, change manager at Tesco says:

 “Until we launched with Locayta our systems just couldn’t achieve what we needed to do. The ability to control product and accessory recommendations makes sure that customers have fast, convenient access to the products they are looking for, ultimately increasing conversion rates and order values. We’re now moving to the full Locayta system. Freestyle Merchandising is easy to use and you receive full support. We’ve experienced some staff turnover in the past year and Locayta have been quick to respond to the training needs of new people. They take the time to meet with us once a week to look at potential new advances that will tighten our performance further.”

How do I  integrate these features within my own retail site?

Locayta Product Recommendations and Product Accessory Recommendations are part of a full Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® package, which has been seen to increase sales across the web by up to 30%. To see these features in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit www.locayta.com today.