In the past few years the rise of ecommerce has gone hand in hand with the rise of online advertising. With internet advertising spend hitting a record level of 84bn in the first quarter of 2012, it’s obvious that the medium is playing a key role in the growing precedence of multi-channel sales over bricks and mortar.

Many internet retailers are getting more creative with experimental Facebook advertising leading the social media trend, and Microsoft introducing new Xbox based ads to catch every gamer at their most receptive.

Indeed, it seems as if digital channels are overtaking prime time slots as the favoured marketing tool. Media giant ZenithOptimedia’s cut in TV ad spend against heavy internet investment is a prime example.

If you don’t happen to be a multi-million corporate with marketing budgets online is the ideal solution. We’ve got cost-effective and user friendly tools to get your brand online quickly and easily, directing traffic back to your site and your product.

Spread your marketing network with Locayta Shop Window

If you’re looking for a quick advertising fix that’s multi-platform compatible and simple to deploy Locayta Shop Window might just be your answer. Part of the full Freestyle Merchandising® toolkit, Shop Window is a handy widget that enables you to draw custom via third party sites including blogs, social networks and partner sites.

Powerful underlying technology is belied by an incredibly simple and accessible system for shoppers. By clicking on your display ad can instantly browse, select and buy via a full index of your data which cross references with your main ecommerce site in real time.

They are then transferred directly to your site to make the purchase. The widget doesn’t require any changes to your main platform, creates a virtual store on any page you choose, can support a wide range of templates and landing pages, and supports all W3C-compliant HTML, including Flash. It’s an affordable quick fix for merchants looking to boost traffic and conversions via third party advertising.

Match your ads to your users behaviour with Locayta Display Advertising

Those who regularly read our blog will be familiar with Locayta’s uniquely programmed intelligent algorithms, which track and respond to individual as well as collective behaviour in real time. These have been shown time and again to increase conversion rates and ROI for our clients.

You can also benefit from their ability to manipulate display advertising on your site, maximising product or brand placement and conversion rates. Locayta Display Advertising analyses the content of each of your pages to define which ads and products are relevant to that page.

But that’s not all – it also follows user preferences even as they search and click, adjusting ad placement for a personalised delivery to every customer. It’s a watertight business proposition: the ability to adapt your campaigns to individual shoppers even as they shop.

Maximise multi-channel with Locayta M-Commerce

Multi-channel has opened up a multitude of sales opportunities for ecommerce retailers keen to adapt – but developing a bespoke app and bringing it to market can be a costly and risky business.

We’ve addressed this issue with the development of Locayta M-Commerce – a click to buy iphone app that enables you to extend your online offer quickly and without expensive implementation.

In much the same way as Shop Window, M-Commerce can plug straight into your main platform and support your templates and brand whilst carrying a fully accessible index of your products. It’s the perfect way to coax consumers who favour the mobile purchase experience and catch those busy customers when they’re on the go.

If you can see the commercial potential of these sophisticated yet easily accessible tools get in touch today and discover how clients including, Tesco Clothing and Superdry are choosing Locayta to boost their conversions, sales and overall retail success.

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