Any ecommerce retailer knows just how difficult it can be to stay on top of a constant stream of emerging trends and new technology. But responding accurately to a fast paced market doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might seem.

Multi-channel, social media, remarketing…they come at us thick and fast. It can be overwhelming. Only recently Mashable have released their list of 5 hot ecommerce trends to watch, IRCE2012 has identified multi-channel and platform flexibility as crucial considerations, and a new survey has picked up on specific ecommerce challenges for SMEs. This blog is dedicated to breaking it down to a basic level and showing you some simple solutions to stay on top of all that’s new in online retailing.

Ecommerce trends: the hot three

With so many emerging ecommerce trends you might not know which one to address first – or indeed how to do it. So we’ve done our own round-up of three key trends that reflect not only the industry as a whole but the common issues our own clients face.

In particular one of the challenges merchants have to overcome is the disparity between different merchandising functions and how they’re delivered. Not every platform is capable of powering every aspect of your online business. That can make things cumbersome and expensive, affecting your time and your profits. So here we’ve focused on three key issues that can be managed within a single system and are affordable too.

Making the most of multi-channel commerce

If you’re in ecommerce you already know how vital multi-channel is becoming. But particularly for smaller enterprises making sure your site is multi-channel friendly can seem a mammoth task.


That’s far from the case with Locayta’s intelligent mobile shopping solutions. Locayta M-Commerce is a click to buy app that allows you to deploy mobile browsing and purchasing with no changes to your main site. Whilst Locayta Search Mobile offers one of the most advanced search engines for iOS you’ll find anywhere. What do they have in common? They’re usable, cost-effective, and can be deployed fast and without fuss.

You can enhance this with the ability to deploy your site on third party channels with Locayta Shop Window – a simple widget that acts as a virtual store, fully indexing your own data and allowing search and shopping even on third party and social networking sites.

Keeping your options open with platform flexibility

Time and time again we talk to prospective clients about the lack of flexibility they’ve encountered in ecommerce platforms. This continues to cause costly headaches and hold aspiration and innovation back.

That’s why we’ve specifically developed Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® to address the 3 most paramount functions in ecommerce – intelligent search, personalised product recommendations and compelling visual merchandising – in a single Software as a Service platform.

Our clients love the technology for exactly this reason. You can custom build your own package or choose the full platform, adapting the technology to your merchandising strategy, size and status – all safe in the knowledge that behind a surprisingly affordable and user friendly solution lies rock solid technical support and a development team who are constantly stretching the boundaries.

Maximise efficiency with SaaS ecommerce

When surveyed at a recent US conference, participants representing smaller businesses gave a somewhat contradictory view on SaaS technology. More than two thirds had not fully investigated it’s benefits, yet almost 40% recognised its value in principle, especially in terms of technical support and avoiding major infrastructural changes.

It’s these benefits that compelled us to develop our technology on this basis. Freestyle Merchandising and all its useful functions can be plugged in with no major changes to your core platform. The system is easily configured with full technical support available, and maintained and updated behind the scenes without you having to worry.

Add to that the benefits of technology that’s proven to increase conversions and order values for clients of the calibre of Tesco Clothing, Superdry, and many more, and you have a solution that’s practical, cost-effective, and solves some of the most pressing conundrums in ecommerce. Take a look at our full technology range to find out how Locayta could grow your business.

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