Many companies are looking to exploit the prevelance of mobile devices by building apps. Locayta has responded to this demand by providing one of the few full-text iPad search engines available for the iOS platform. Locayta Search Mobile is suitable for applications which come pre-loaded with data to be searched without requiring a Wi-Fi connection, or alternatively where the user needs to create data locally on the device that can be search-able on the fly.

The search engine provides full text search using a probabilistic model of document terms, along with clever features to improve search success such as automatic word stemming and spell correction based on what’s in your content rather than a predefined dictionary.

Applications that come bundled with a resource of information may include the pre-built search database along with the application. In this case the search database can be created on a desktop computer and added to the application resources in XCode. Some examples might be: digital magazine; story book app; technical reference manual; subscription-based reports access.

The software library is free to use for development. Thereafter, you will need to acquire a Software Distribution Licence, which is free of charge for non-commercial use or $1,000 one-time charge per published iOS application for commercial use applications.

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