Today brings another article in our “How to…” series. This week we’re looking at online sales. As eCommerce vendors, increasing sales will be your overall aim being a key, instantly profitable and measurable element within your online business. So how do we do it? Read on to find out!

Online Sales

Here at Locayta, there are a number of different packages, software solutions and visual merchandising options that can help increase your online sales. As part of the full Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® service, increasing sales is a key area of speciality. Firstly, what are we talking about here? Increasing your online sales involves a few variables including improving your conversion rates and average order values.

Increasing Online Sales – how?

Let’s look at a few of the options Locayta have on offer when it comes to increasing your online sales…

Locayta Product recommendations: Want to increase the number of products purchased by each customer that arrives at your site? An effective way of bumping up your average order values is with Locayta Product recommendations. This technology generates customer-to-customer personalised product suggestions which are placed strategically alongside other purchase options on screen to your customers. The recommendations are based upon the individual user’s behaviour on site, as well as previous users’ behaviour which makes for highly likely add on purchase suggestions for your consumers.

Locayta Intelligent Site Search and Navigation: Helping your customers find what they are looking for easily and efficiently has the power to increase your sales. Locayta’s “Guided Navigation” framework works to do just this; it implements an easy to use drill down menu with relevant refinement allowing your users to drill-down using various options.

Locayta Visual Merchandising: Displaying your products in a visually appealing way encourages more sales. Locayta visual merchandising manipulates the display of products on your site to do just this. Determining the sequencing of products, the technology uses Locayta Balance Factor® to order the products according to set rules. This can be by popularity, profit margin, newness to site, highest rated or stock availability to name a few. This works to increase your average order values and conversion rates.

What they say?

For one of Locayta‘s key clients, the results speak for themselves, “Locayta offered the perfect combination of tools for the job. Our international ecommerce strategy has experienced four figure growth“. Another Locayta client,, have seen results beyond expectations, “It’s no exaggeration to say that we saw conversion rates increase overnight when we started using Locayta.”

Want More?

Amongst the many services available from Locayta, Locayta Product recommendations , Locayta Visual Merchandising and Locayta Intelligent Site Search and Navigation all come fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see them in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit today.