If you have an online transactional retail site, optimising sales will be one of your main priorities. You may be aware of the importance of online merchandising, or it could be an entirely new concept to you. Either way, keep reading to find out what one of the leading technological companies, Locayta, have in store to help you unlock the possibilities alongside some of their existing clients including boohoo.com, Tesco and Superdry.com.

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® – What is it?

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® is an online visual merchandising and site search solution, designed to allow you to take total control over your online sales performance. Driven by a real-time, highly configurable, advanced and unique platform, Freestyle Merchandising® is uniquely architected with complete online merchandising functionality all on one single platform.


What’s on offer?

Behavioural Merchandising: This technology generates real-time customised product recommendations to your customers based intelligently on their online user behaviour. This is based on your customer’s actions, or a collective intelligence approach based on other past and present user behaviour. Employed by numerous clients including boohoo.com, this technology boosts your average order values and conversion rates.

Metrics Driven Merchandising: The aforementioned product recommendations are based on customised metrics to meet your objectives. This can be stock levels, most popular, newest product to name a few. The main advantage of this is that it puts you in control over your customer experience and increases your business management control and visibility.

Search and Search Driven Merchandising: This feature personalises your product page search results navigation to match the customers search query. Search is guided by filters that optimise search results, including product attribute data, page templates and similar product offers. This technology has proven results in increasing conversion rates.

Visual Merchandising: This organises the appearance of your online store; including driving the display of visual elements on your site, presenting banner ads based on a category search or it can be enhanced with metric drivers (see above), presenting the appropriate products based on search and pre-determined priorities chosen by you. For key clients including Superdry.com, this technology increases your average order values and conversion rates.

Personalisation and customisation : Using a collective intelligence approach, the system recognises your customer and personalises recommendations even further, including customised email recommendations to best target your online customers.

What now?

The above elements make up the full Locayta Merchandising solution and enables you to ‘build’ your solution to your needs. With an easy to implementing procedure and a flexible pricing model, Freestyle Merchandising is accessible to eCommerce businesses of all sizes and budgets. Want to find out more? To see it in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit www.locayta.com today.