Within the online retail world, technologically, there are consistent updates, changes and developments occurring, so much so, that it can be hard to stay on top. Keeping one step ahead of the game is all about being informed, aware and in tune with those new releases that help make your eCommerce business better. That’s why this week, we’re bringing you a round up of the recent goings on at Locayta and how they can help improve your online sales performance.

A little background…

If you don’t know a huge great deal about Locayta, they are an innovative, technology-led, leading online merchandising solution that currently work with a vast array of clients, including Tesco.com, boohoo.com and Superdry.com, and are constantly developing new functionalities to exceed industry standards. They’re results speak for themselves having increased online sales performance across the web for such clients between 15 – 30%.

So what’s new?

What’s new….Brand Adjacency: Alongside Locayta‘s existing Visual Merchandising functionality which includes product sequencing and metrics based intelligent product placement, the innovative company have introduced Brand Adjacency. This works to enable online retailers such as yourselves, to mange the deployment and sequencing of brands on your eCommerce site. This resolves a problem many retailers face in adding a unique element of control in terms of placing particular brands alongside one another, or conversely, keeping them apart. Working alongside Locayta Balance Factor (dynamically generated product sequencing on rules set by yourself), the Brand Adjacency technology comes fully integrated within the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® portfolio.

What’s new….Locayta Shop Window: This is a click to buy shopping widget, that you can deploy on third party sites in place of your existing external advertising. With an in built ability to browse products, add to basket and go straight to checkout all within the widget on the third party site, the groundbreaking technology works as a cost effective way to increase your online reach and improve your conversion rates.

What’s new….Locayta M-Commerce: We all know within today’s every-changing world, mobile is set to play a huge part within the eCommerce space. Acknowledging this and acting quick, Locayta have developed a click to buy iPhone shopping application for you to deploy as a way of extending your reach on a multi-channel basis. The quick and easy to deploy shopping app allows your users to browse, search, view product pages and add to basket. The technology is designed specifically with convenience in mind.

What’s new….Behavioural Targeting: With newly developed technology available nowhere else on the web, Locayta have developed Behavioural Targeting technology which helps you to effectively re-engage with customers who have abandoned your site without making a purchase. This technology simultaneously increases your conversion rates whilst lowering your acquisition costs.

If you’d like to find out more about how Locayta‘s technologies, old and new, can help you improve your eCommerce performance, see it in action at Locaya.com today.