After days of anticipation the news is finally here: Britan has won our first Olympics gold medal. For UK fashion retailers there’s a winning streak going on as well, with Net a Porter, House of Fraser and Aurora Fashions all named as winners at the recent Internet Retailing Ecommerce Birthday Party Awards.

Locayta’s own clients are certainly enjoying their fair share of gold medal success – with’s Joint Chief Executive Carol Kane named as a finalist in the Everywoman in Retail Awards, an 8.7% increase in pre-tax profits announced by Superdry, and Tesco Clothing getting on on the Olympics action with their recently launched Dame Kelly Holmes loungewear collection.

So what turns a fashion brand into an ecommerce winner? For our clients we’re playing a major role behind the scenes. One of the crucial tools in the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® armoury is the ability to deliver slick, quick visual merchandising that can transform your online store into an inventive and inspiring show window – adapting your displays to user preferences and fashion trends exactly when it’s needed. Here’s how…

Engaging customers with responsive visual merchandising

Recreating the power of visual merchandising online can be a challenge. Locayta visual merchandising gives you the ability to bring flexibility, imagination and style to the table at the touch of a button.

Not only can you drive your visual displays and change them with ease to match the latest fashion news, you can also control product sequencing in response to user searches. Via a simple control panel it’s possible to opt in or out manually when you need to deliver immediately – or to automate the whole visual display process according to your own configured criteria.

Clever display advertising that matches your customers

Display advertising is vital for promotion and revenue – but with Locayta Display Advertising you can get seriously strategic for maximised returns. Our uniquely programmed algorithms can track user search and basket behaviour and deploy the right advertising to appeal to that shopper’s preferences. It’s an intelligent way to ensure that display advertising is highly personalised – and can be adapted to your own ads or third party ads alike.

Grow your audience with Locayta Shop Window

As a fashion ecommerce retailer you’ll want to maximise your reach as much as possible – but that can be expensive. A sophisticated yet user friendly solution is Locayta Shop Window. This is a click to buy shopping widget that you can deploy wherever you might usually run a display ad – for example on blogs, social media sites or third party sites.

The widget creates a portal to your main ecommerce site that enables shoppers to click, browse and select – then when they’re ready to purchase transfers them to your site to complete the transaction. There’s also a mobile version – Locayta M-Commerce – to ensure you reach shoppers on those all-important mobile and tablet channels.

Control your stock and boost your profits with Locayta Balance Factor

All of the solutions above are part of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising – a full search, recommendation and merchandising platform that can plug straight into your ecommerce site for powerful results. The real clincher though is our unique technology Locayta Balance factor®.

As your users search Locayta tracks their individual behaviour and makes intelligent product selections to fit each customer like a glove. What your customers won’t realise is that behind the scenes Balance Factor is prioritising the items most important to you. They could be clearance items, new lines, highly profitable collections – or whatever you choose. Just configure your own priorities and Balance Factor ensures that within the parameters your customers dictate they’re always presented with the products you most want them to see.

Boost conversions, beef up sales and grow your ecommerce brand and Tesco Clothing are just some of our high profile clients – but you don’t have to be a fashion ecommerce giant to benefit from Freestyle Merchandising. W also serve the likes of The British Museum CompanyPaperchase and Prezzybox as well as hundreds of smaller retailers.

There’s one thing they all have in common though – a demonstrable growth in conversion rates, order values and sales revenue when they start using our technology. Sounds tempting? Take a closer look at our website or contact us and we’ll show you just how easy it is.

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